Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sofi's words

So Sofia is a funny girl.. A bright, intelligent, 10 steps ahead of you girl.  We need to write a book on just the things Sofia says.. hilarious... Teresa told me.. "You know Sofia was telling me.. its kind of wierd going into Mama's house.. you know after Christmas.. When all the decorations are gone... Its just a stick.. A stick on the wall."

And she was right.  I found this idea on pinterest to place this stick so I can hang my stockings.  I loved it.  wierd I know.. but I did.  And after Christmas and decorations put away.. it was just a stick.. a stick on the wall..

So Sofia... this is for you baby girl.

I'll see if this sticks.. on the stick :)  clipping recent artwork or any work from the kids.  Yes that is a pumpkin.. I know two holidays ago.. but just had to test it out.   (
So Sofia.. do you like now?   Is it  better then just the stick on the wall?  Thanks Sofi... for making me notice that it is just a stick on the wall :)  (oh and  I know eventually I'll get to that picture and straighten it out.. someday)

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