Saturday, December 18, 2010

Confessions of a bad mama moment

Nobody is perfect. So everyone in a way will have a bad moment. But when it comes to being a mama.. oh that moment is so much more. Its forever defined in your head as the moment of when it went bad. You know like the bad mama moment when Britney Spears took her baby on a car drive in her lap, or the bad daddy moment when Michael Jackson put Pillow..opps I meant Blanket out the window. Keep those visuals in your head so that when I tell you my bad mama moment it just doesn't seem that bad :)

Today we have been getting ready for our trip. And let me tell you packing is no fun. Now I know why the rich and famous hire someone else to do everything. I need me an assistant.
Anyhow, the hubby and I were discussing about what we were going to do for the gifts. We didn't know if we should pack some with us or just leave it under the tree... But either way I had to wrap. Usually we only do 2 gifts for the kids. One from Santa and one from us. So we were getting the gifts from our secret location... under the bed and right there and then I realized that we didn't get one damn thing for the babies. yes I said it ... it was hard to say but... I confess I didn't get a Christmas gift for my two babies, Ama and Santi.
At that moment Javi pulled out a just incase gift and said... why don't we wrap this.. They'll love

I looked at Javi like are you serious. Really I mean really. I also said um hello they are only almost 2 and 7 months.. wth are they going to be doing with the connect four. And you know its not safe because all they will do is put it in their mouth. Javi said just wrap it.. they won't realize it.

So out of despair I wrapped up the Connect Four and labeled it for Ama and Santi. Next to Lalas and Papos gift is a gift that we "got" for the babies.

and you know Ama loves picking it up and shaking it.. and hearing the sound of the pieces going around and around the box... and so with this I say I'm going to find them a box, a box where I can fill it up with paper so that when they open it they can make a mess and have fun, a box where they can get in and play and shake around. And I know that they will love that gift as much as any other gift that I would've bought.

and after thinking about it... hey they're just 20months and 7 months... they won't remember anything.. just gotta keep the older kids quiet, and not take any pictures.. dang it..

See so I told you I'm not as bad as Britney and Micheal...but just a bad mama moment.


Mommy Dearest said...

CELENA! You guys are terrible! Oh my goodness, Javi would thing Connect 4 is a good enough present, that silly guy. Hey, I have Santi and Ama's gifts. Just wrap them up and tell them Santa brought them.

Mommy Dearest said...

Damn, not thing- think.