Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ribbons and Fall

I don't know about you but my house is the black hole of ribbons, rubber bands and anything to do with hair accessories. Things just get misplaced or if we get them and put them in an area they just seem to disappear. Ribbons tend to just stay in their spot and never used. Sooooo... I went to my friends house.. and saw a whole new way to organize it...   Its a ribbon that is nailed on the wall.  When you open the door you can't see it so you have to close the door to see the whole display.. And it's out of arms reach of the little ones now..  They can't reach the ribbon at all.  It's not the prettiest display right now... but I think this will work :)

And it's not officially Fall till you get pictures of the kids playing with the leaves....

Yay.. NOW it's officially FALL!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I don't know why it feels like this potty training is new to me. I have no memory or any idea of how we got the older two potty trained.  It's like I feel some days we are progressing and yes.. we are done.  But then we get days like today where accidents happen 3 times a day.  And the washing machines have never been so happy to be in use.  Ama also really doesn't mind... she'll be ok with her accidents and I'll find her with wet pants and she'll say oh yeah I went in the room.

At least she is not going outside on the grass... yeah.. that problem we concurred.. She thought it was ok to just go on the front of everyone, but only at home... well cause you know the dogs go and others do too.  So she's learned to stop.. Progress.

But my poor rugs, beds, couches, kitchen floors, bathroom floors..... regress.

Just gotta keep working on it.  Oh and if you come by my house.. I promise it doesn't smell like pee.  Just thought I'd let you know :)

Now pics .. cause you know I can't live without posting ..  a trip to the busiest biggest pumpkin patch I've ever been to.






Tired little one after the pumpkin patch.



Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just a bit

If you really know me.. you know that I'm an easy going person.. I don't need or want much.  I like to day dream, and I love my kids.  I'm a happy person and happy with myself.. to a certain extent.  Just like everyone else in the world.. there are things that I'd love to change.. or add... or do different.  But that's just normal.  Or so I think..

So when I was a little kid I did have an imagination.  We did play make up games, and come up with different scenarios.  But one thing that I do remember.. one thing that I can not forget.. is wanting to have long beautiful thick hair.  I wanted to be like all the other girls with long braids and high pony tails.  And you see it never could be.  My hair wasn't thick and curly, it was short and fine.  It would barely grow and when it did my parents would cut it.  So there would be days that I would imagine my hair long, and pretend to sway it back and forth.  And then I took it to the next level, yup I did.  I would put nylons on my head.  Yes, nylons.  I wanted the feeling of it draping on my shoulders, I would tie it up in a high pony tail and walk around making it move back and forth.  And when someone would walk in, I'd yank it off like I had nothing on my head.  And then would think of the next time I could have my hair back again.  Like I said.. I had great imagination...

So today.. I was practicing curling Lala's hair.  Yes, Practicing.  Her school pictures are Wednesday.. and she is a 6th grader... So those two combinations means... outfit and hair style needs to picked and ready days in advance... And so I curled her hair tonight.. a practice for Wednesday.  And she loves it... And she is walking around swaying her hair back and forth like if she's Marcia Brady... And yes I'm a bit jealous..... JUST A BIT....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The weekend.

Nothings different from before.. yet I don't know why I don't post as often. Its not like I don't have things to say.. but I swear it seems like this year seems crazier than last year. not sure why yet.  
 This weekend we all went to our first Stanford game.  We've had tickets for a while now... but haven't had guts to go with everyone.  And this Saturday we did. Everyone had a blast.  We were really close to the field.  Right in front. The band was at our left and the cheerleaders were right in front.  The kids including the big ones had a smile on their faces all night.  I didn't have my hands free a lot that night so I wish I took more pics. But I'll have to ask Lisa for some pics.   


So today..before bed time.. I saw Lala online.  I asked her what she was doing.  And she said.. "oh just looking at something from the game."
"like what?" I asked.
"Something that I saw,  I want to see if they have something on youtube." Lala explained.

In my head I thought.. oh she must be looking at the cheerleading stuff, I wonder if she is interested in it.. hmmm
ANd then I heard the music... the noise... the crowd... and took a look at the screen.  It was the college band playing at a game. And then she searched youtube for USC band.. and she was loving it.. then she said..
"so if I keep practicing my clarinet... will i sound like that too.."

And I was thinking she was interested in cheerleading... nope.  She wants to rock out with the band.. That's if she is not the one playing out on the field :)  

And today's picture events at the pumpkin patch.