Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Attack of the birds and whipping hair..

So since its still our spring break... and the sun decided to come out... We went on our walk to the park.  On our way out from the house we heard a wierd noise like pellets falling on the ground.  ANd then all you hear is AGGGHHHH I think a bird shit on me... ANd then you hear.. AGGHHH I think it pooped on my head.. Poor Javi and Yoya were victims of a fly by poop. We look up and see a lot of birds in the tree.. So Javi tries to get them back by throwing a red ball...Didn't do much.. But I think their screams scared them.


And on our way to the park we had most of the kids.  All except for the twins joined us.  So it was only 6 kids.. only 6.. But I swear when we walked.. just a block away from the compound.. almost everyone was amazed at how many kids Javi and I had.  We even read some lips .. "one.. two.. three..SIX..wow".. or "what a big family".. Someone even told us.. oh a family affair.. All Javi could say was yeah we're the new Brady Bunch.  And I wasn't about to explain to them all oh.. only 4 are my kids and 2 are my nieces ... or yeah.. and what... So we just smiled at all passing by.  ( Later on that day I talked to Teresa and told her about peoples reactions.. and so we have a plan..guys don't know about it yet.. but we figured.. we'll have just Tere or just me walk with both hubbies... with all kids and walk holding both guys hands.. just to see how people react.. mess with their minds yeah.. I know they guys won't go for it.. but it would be hilarious just to see how people react).

And during the park... ALL KIDS (INCLUDING JAVI) had fun.. tag, swing, slides, sand. fun.

\Even my Ama loved the big slide... Thank goodness all the girls were there to go with her.. cause I would have freaked out climbing up the high slide.

And later on that night... we had a HELLAKIDS slumber party.. not planned ahead of time..  but thats the way we roll... Made some chocolate covered strawberries..   Papos watched Netflix on the phone.  while the girls...

the girls... Alina, Lala, Yoya, Ari, Sofi danced to "Whip my hair"... ANd so they whipped it...
And threw their hands up.

Poor girls... I think they whipped it to hard.. Some had to take tylenol today...Now Javi is massaging the back of Lala's head...She says she slept wrong but I think she just partied to hard.. no whipping it for her anymore..

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