Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Sunday

Today Ama wanted "Crackers" chips. I said no.. She said YES! I said no. She said... NO MAMA YES!!! I said no, walked away and threw them away in the garbage can that is in the wash room. I of course thought she wasn't looking.. That was this morning. So today has been a omg where are the kids day. They are hiding around the house and freaking us out.. even our 10 year old. So it was Ama's turn. She was with me in the living room and i was changing Santiago's diaper. Then she was gone. I had Javi looking for her but we couldn't find her. Last place we looked was in the wash room.... and she remembered... that is where her yummy CRACKERs were... and she got them...

Also have you met my sister... She thinks that 54 degree weather is cold... and so she gets the twins ready to go outside... and go for a walk... hmmm you think they'll be warm enough???

And Santiago... Is finally army crawl... he's up and moving.. :)
Which I entered in the papermama photo challenge :)

The Paper Mama

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Phone to the Ear

My little boy is fussy. He hardly complains, he's a serious boy... He does though give you a great big smile.  He's usually a happy boy, this week he hasn't been.  So because of this I made a call to our healthcare to make an appointment on a Saturday morning. 

I wish a lot of things... Today I wish I was the type of person that is just straight forward and just tell a person what I really know and what should really happen.  But I'm not that type of person.  In fact I don't like stepping on people's toes.  I don't like telling people what to do or what I know even if I haven't studied that profession. Its just not my character... oh but I wish I did.

Since my baby was feeling yucky, got a cough and cold,  and has been tugging at his ear, I knew that he has an ear infection.. I know it.. So I just wanted to call them to set up a Saturday appointment so that i could get the medicine for him so that he could be better...but the conversation went like this...

Me: Hi, I'm calling to speak to an advice nurse because my son has been congested and has a cough for two days.  He's been fussy for the past few days.. He hasn't been sleeping well.  Today he has been tugging at his ear, when I dried him up after his bath he was crying when I was drying his left ear, he is avoiding sleeping on his ear because it hurts him, and he is moving his head back in forth because I know that something is bothering him.  I believe he might have an ear infection....(interrupted) (the reason that I started with so much info.. was because I know that they would have asked these questions anyway so I figured just give them the answer so we just go straight forward to the point...)

Nurse: Okay... whats your name again.?  Who are you calling for?   How long has he been sick?  Ok.. Is he teething?  How long has he had the cold?  I believe that we forget that sometimes when babies are teething we mistake the pain and think its an ear infection...  Has he had any head trauma?  Do you see anything coming out of his ear?  Has he hit anything close to his ear?  Has he had any serious surgeries or injuries?  When was the last time he had an appointment?  Does he go into the water when he takes a bath? Is he allergic to anything?  Does he have any serious illness that we should know about?  Has your addressed changed since last November?  Oh I see you haven't seen the doctor in a while... Oh yeah he is 9 months old he will have an appointment between 9 and 12 months old.  Is anything coming out of his ear?  Does he have bad ear wax..?  What's his favorite color....

(ok ok I know the last one was not asked...but...)

ME:  (ANSWERING EVERY QUESTION) Sara. Santiago. 2 days. not anymore.... 

Nurse:  So maybe instead you should give him Motrin to help him with the pain and if he is still having a problem call for an appointment tomorrow.

ME:  umm.... ok but... um  well I think he has an ear infection. I have 4 kids that have had it before and I think he does. He is uncomfortable and tugging at his ear. He is not happy and in pain.

Nurse: ohhhh... ok well I can send you to VALLEJO (about 1 hour 30 min) because now every where else is booked.

Me: umm ok... its far but ok...

Nurse: oops no they are not open too.. Well then we can do a phone call appointment so that we can figure out what's going on with the little guy. 

Me: ok thank you...

After 30 minutes of being on the phone... and finally getting at least a phone call appointment.. we still didn't get to see a doctor.
I wish I was just able to say.."Look I'm a mama of 4, who knows that you have a whole lot of set of questions that you have  to ask... and I respect that... But I know and I'm willing to have to pay for the appointment that I need to make for him.  So tell me how to go about and get it and if I can't get one  do I need to just make an appointment for tomorrow"

But I couldn't so i was on the phone for 30 mins
But I know it was her job and she had to do it... even if it was 30 minutes on the phone
and my baby who normally is like this...

Is feeling like this :(

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can't resist

Because this week has been so busy (again) I was thinking that I didn't have time for the blog... But since I can't resist... Here it goes.  Busy means... that its okay to have days like this...

Its okay for your face to be dirty.  I don't mind.
And for some reason his shoe and sock always falls off.  So its okay for it to be off cause I don't mind.

Its Okay to mess around during dinner time.. Being silly is what its all about.

Having spaghetti for dinner is the dinner to have when you are crazy busy.  And sometimes we still have to stay dirty cause Mama said it was ok.
Except for my big girl... She will not dare walk around with spaghetti on her face.

And dancing to GLEE even if it is to the (alcohol song) shhhhh... Its ok.. cause the babies don't really know... and the older ones just like the songs and the dancing.. the content.. not so much.  (Glee is on Tuesday but we record it to watch on Wednesday)

But after a long a busy day... Its time to clean up... take a bath... and go to sleep... While Mama and Daddy stay up and keep working cause it's Report card time.

Monday, February 21, 2011

This weekends theme.... She did it again...

I'd have to say I think she is the only one so far that has been really into her art... And I only blame the randomness in my house for leaving a purple highlighter around in Ama's reach.  So she did it again. Although this time it was on the couch.  And I know eventually my kids or family will say put the camera down jeez do you have to take a picture of everything.  And all I'll say is... but of course cause later we can look at it and think.. look how cute you looked :)
So my Ama did it again too. Just like her Daddy. Or maybe she is just getting back at him for pegging her on the back during the dodgeball game.. hmmmm....

And so here Javi is asking her if she did this... (even though we knew she did, and she knew she did.. he still asked)..
And he told her... its not okay to draw on couches.

And she gave these cute sad faces... that made me want to clean up the couch and just hug her....

But then she ended up crying...So......
So instead... Javi hugged her... and.....

He cleaned up the couch! :) he he he (it was a plan she had after all.)


Besides who could resist that cute face! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oops I did it again...

Today was a beautiful day... The sun was out and it was a bit chilly... but it was a day where we could all go out to play. Javi and the kids went on a bike ride and brought me a gift :)

Who couldn't smile at these group of kids with a gift of coffee for me :)

And since it was sunny we had to practice for dodgeball... because even though we are in the middle of dodgeball season and our record is 4 -1.. I still yet haven't gotten anyone out... So we practice by having a game with the kids.

And here is where the opps part comes... But it starts with the most important part... It wasn't me! he he

You see Lala plays soccer all year round.  And before we had the babies it was just the 4 of us.  We would go to Lala's practice all the time even if it was freezing weather.  While she was practicing Javi, Papos and I would either watch her practice (me) or play kicking the ball to eachother (Javi and Papos).  This incident happened about 2 years ago when Papos was 4.  At that time Javi thought he was a professional soccer player and tried kicking corner kicks with all his power.  That night Papos was right in his kicking path... I didn't know who to yell at first... At Javi to not kick the ball or Papos to move out of the way... Either way my yelling went unheard... and Javi kicked... and Papos kept walking.  And in the cold weather... Papos was accidentally hit smack in the face by Javi's corner kick.  After checking on Papos and finding that the cold weather was icing his face... And he was ok.. even though it still stung a bit... I didn't know who to feel sorry for Papos who got smacked or Javi who felt oh so very guilty for kicking the ball... And so we sing again... "Oops I did it again"... All though this time it wasn't as so dramatic.
We were getting ready to play against the kids... But Ama kept getting in the game.. So we all said.. when Ama is in be careful... even though the balls were spongy and didn't really hurt when you got pegged.
But Javi still moved her.. out of the way.

And so we played. :)
But if you know Ama, moving her doesn't work cause she still wants to play.  And Javi thought he was a prododgeball player and was able to throw the ball even when she was in the way.  He thought that the bouncy ball would go the path he threw, when he forgot that it was a bit windy outside and the ball was lite... and so it didn't move the way he wanted it to... and he pegged her in the back.
  It didn't hurt but she was upset that she got hit.. or maybe she was upset that she got out..
Either way she was lecturing her dad... No No NO Dadda... NO.

But Ama being a Daddy's Girl.. She couldn't stay mad for long.
And so we sang... and hugged and kissed.

And this week was Javi's birthday week... Happy Birthday my love...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why the heck do I call it Wordless Wednesday?

You know when you're soooo busy that you don't realize that your busy and you can't even remember saying that your busy or even seeing that busy is all over the calendar ... Well it's been that kind of busy here!
Spring schedule of sports and activities haven't even begun but I'm still busy and exhausted.   I've been neglecting the bloggy blog world and haven't been posting much..  Maybe I'm catching something or maybe its the season to be tired...
So today I leave you with a little of what we did today... it was a dancing night... so the kids dance.. and yes it was to some tunes that some might not approve of... but I'm taking it back to the 80's where breaking and dancing and taking up all the floors was cool :)  So here you go... (and if you are on the computer you might be able to hear the song that they were dancing to)

I love their faces... and how they get into it.. :)