Monday, February 18, 2013


I learned how to play the piano, as well as the clarinet when I was in elementary. Ok, so really knowing a few songs on both doesnt really count BUT I can try to read music and still know how to play the 2 songs I learned!  Anyhow, MUSIC .. playing it, hearing it, dancing to it, singing it... makes everything so much better!

I'm not a big fan of anyone or any type and yes I'm definitely not a professor of the knowledge of music and I know Pandora stations and even radio stations are limited to certain type of music but oh my music is awesome. duh.

I was just sitting here "working" on my lessons/plans/prepping/ ideas rolling and then I placed my Pandora on... and went on the blog and ... was motivated to do something else... dance, sing, hug my kids, kiss my husband, clean (weird I know), sleep, run, smile, dance again, jump, walk, skip, ... well you get the picture. 
It motivated me to do more. Even daydream.  Daydream about anything and everything.  Like if magically the real "work" was completed and I was able to do more and listen to music.  I'm such a daydreamer.  Stories and stories in my head about I don't even know what. Really I don't know because my memory doesnt let me remember my day dreams and so they are always new to me.

Anyhow, music makes everything better.  One day I want to be like the movies and TV.. and just bust out in a song or a dance while shopping or at school, I want happy endings to things like lessons in class, homework complete, bathroom cleaned, laundry done... my happy endings at least and I want them to end with a song.  A kiss from the lovers in the movie... A beautiful scenic view with Music... a happy ever after.  I want to dance/sing (probably just dance) to everything.  you know when the house becomes a mess and your just angry and a great song comes on ... and you dance and let everything out... and then magically the house is clean.   Or like when you are at the store.. and you, well, are not your very best.. and just feel like you look like crap.  And then "PYT" goes on.. and I don't mean on at the store.. but on in your head, everyone else can hear it.. everyone else is dancing.. you know like in the movies...and then you think.. heck I might look like crap.. but I don't feel it anymore...yeah... daydreaming.  movies. TV. not real. But wouldn't that be awesome.

So what does this have to do with hellakids.  Imagine how much does/would get done if it was like the movies.  Imagine how many emotions/feelings would not be confused if music would just play. Babies would have music to just communicate and all the confusion would be gone.  The house clean. Homework done. workouts finished. dinner a success and cleaned up. practices and taxi drop offs done.  All with a happy musical ending.  All with a song/dance to go with it.  People would be a lot happier.

And so I declare world peace... with Music! 

OK. Sorry, eventually my next post will be back to reality :)  until then enjoy.