Thursday, February 9, 2012

D is for Dynamic Dyson!

Sometimes I get worried about getting new things. Especially when we are so comfortable with what we already have trying something new is scary. Well, we knew it was time for a new vacuum, but getting a Dyson was a big move. You might be thinking.. really Celena.. a vacuum.. you're worried about a vacuum. Yes, I'm lame like that. So after a while with my Dyson... I'm a little worried....

Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE MY DYSON... but either

A. We have been living in filth this whole time .. Cause everytime I vacuum seriously EVERY . TIME . I . VACUUM . I get a huge amount of dirt in the Dyson. After I vacuum every room I need to empty it out. I'm wondering if my old vacuum did anything this last year.. because the Dyson just keeps picking up dirt.

B. We bring in the filth every day. I know you are probably thinking.. yeah you have hellakids.. but seriously that bad.. hmmm maybe I'll have a rule to undress yourself and change to "houseclothes" so we can minimize filth.


C. The DYSON is an amazing vacuum that it is picking up EVERYTHING even down to my own CARPET.. and by this summer my carpets will be sucked up by the Dyson that our floors will be bare with no carpet left...

All options.. Scare me!

Still love Dyson though.

And here are my babies... these are the facial expressions that they give their mama everyday..