Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kids really do say the darndest things.

On our way back from Yosemite.. We passed quite a few semi-trucks... Nothing new.. Nothing big... But then Papos yells out..."MAMA... DADA look they've got drugs!"

(Something like this)

Someone has been letting him watch to much of the COP shows...

Saturday, August 27, 2011


You know someone has once asked me... "How do you do it? I mean.. everything.. how do you do it?".. And I just reply.. "don't .... we do!"
You see I'm not perfect.. neither is anything around me.. house is ok, kids.. are healthy.. and WE are happy.   And what it comes down to is FAMILY.  In everyday events.. family is always there.  Because if I didn't have them.. then we couldn't do it.  And I hope that I teach all my kids the importance of it all..and that is family.

We have been blessed to have had our annual reunion going now for I think 7 years.  We are very lucky to have such a beautiful place where we all can meet up.. But filling it up with family is what makes it beautiful.

We are so lucky to be able to have 3 days together hanging out, talking, catching up, taking pictures, watching skits/routines, listening to awards given out, helping out with breakfast/lunch/dinner, and so much more.  It's something that I can't describe in words but just feel like how it should always be.

Here are just a few... and only a few.. of our weekend.. (side note: familia if you don't want your picture up.. please let me know... I respect that and will take it down :))  And I'm excited for November.. when my other side of the family will meet up for a mini reunion too! :)


 We also had a visit from the bear.. Came to us one night.. and returned the next day.. oh wait that's Javi.. Never mind just came to us one night. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Keeping me young

First of yes... it was a regular Sunday.. crazy trying to get ahead of the week type Sunday.  That meant running errands, laundry, food shopping, house cleaning, yard cleaning, classroom working etc. etc.  And so I did some of that... with my Santiago.. and he was enjoying it.. unitl.....

he. was OUT!!

And I love hanging out with the girls.. I love taking them to my classroom to help.. I love taking them along everywhere.. Sometimes I feel like telling them that line from Mean Girls. You know when the mom tells her daughter and friends.. " Oh you keep me so young.. I love you!"...
And i do.. I do feel that way..  

And then they say something like this..

Yoya:  Mama what is that?
Me:  What is what?
Yoya:  (Pointing)  what is that... I don't know what it is.. what is that?
Me:.. what.. oh my.. bhhhh heh ehhehe waa haa haa he hehehe.. um thats what you call a typewriter.
Lala: oh..yeah.. thats where I think you put the paper and do something..
Me: you mean type... aye girls!

And I oh so didn't feel so young... But then again I had a great laugh.. so I hear laughing helps you out.. it keeps you younger... so they say. :)

In front of a foreign object.. in their eyes.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back again

Time again for crazy schedules, work, school, practice, games, events, things.... wait a minute.. when did that ever stop?... I guess never. This week was our first full week of Ama starting preschool. She has a love/hate relationship. And hopefully she learns to just love it. I guess i'm more nervous for her cause she is the first one for me to be on her own. The OG's always started out with someone with them. Yoya and Lala.. together.. then Sofi the next year and before Sofi left Papos went in.. man we kept the preschool business rolling. But Ama is kind of by herself.. no cousin, no sister/brother... She does have family friends there. Which I way soo excited about.. So I know she will be fine. She's Ama and if it was up to her she'd be teaching the class.. But still makes me hurt just a little... to see when she is sad and roaming the playground by herself. She'll be fine... She'll love it...eventually.

First day of Preschool.

And now that morning routines are back... its crazy in the morning... no time for home cooked meals... so I thought.. until... My cousin Diego saved the day... Secrets that aren't really secrets but I had no idea about it until he showed us and now I'm hooked..

Microwaving Scrambled eggs. ANd you think that sounds nasty.. nope its yummy. and pretty fluffy.

A very convenient, less of a mess and quick way to make scrambled eggs.

And since it's not a secret.. i'm sharing for all those who'd like to try it.. And please share with me how it went.

Step 1. Get a bowl. and eggs. Scramble well...
Step 2. Add milk to eggs. Not a lot and not a little... just the right amount :) and scramble
Step 3. microwave for about 1 minute.
Step 4. Take it out. Scramble again. Add salt or/and pepper.
Step 5. Place back in microwave for 2-3 min (depends on microwave and amount of eggs)
(keep an eye on it cause if you leave it in too long eggs will rise..)
Step 6. take out. mix it up and eat it.

many steps.. easy steps... quick meal and clean up is not so bad... unless you have Santiago who just leaves

his mess everywhere.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Things I'm not..

Happy birthday to little G. Miss Yoya is a year older and I'm not there to eat some cake with her.. But we did have some cookies today shhh don't tell.

I know I know it's been forever. And we start school next week.. I'm probably going to somehow post more when work is going. Weird I guess, I think I work better when I'm stressed. So my last weekend and we are all on our way for Lala and her team soccer tourney. And since I have time sitting and waiting I thought I'd post ... Things I am not...

I am not an organizer... I always say oh on trips I know how we can pack the stuff, the car, and we all will have more room... Nope.

Looks somewhat comfy right.. What you don't see is how we fit in everything else.. The "monster" is not big enough.

I'm not a nail artist... Meaning o can't paint my own damn nails even one decent color..and I will spare you the image of my toes.. Lets just say not cute!

I am not a cosmotologist.. I know how do I expect to be if I have no school or experience right... Poor Santiago. Cute hair bad bangs...

That's it for now... I have many things I am and many that I'm definitely not.-

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