Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today was a perfect day. Beautiful weather. A bit windy but we made it to the park..again. So today although its our word day... It's bit of just pictures and less word.

It was a play date in the play room and Santiago uses Eva as support to pull himself up.


And they love the swing... even the big kids.

But Miss Sofi... enjoys her book smart girl.  (Her new name is Cookie... that's what Ama calls her).

Papos thought it was a warm enough day for a jump in the pool.. No one would join him.. So he had fun on his own :)

Now off to watch Tangled with all the kids... 


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Attack of the birds and whipping hair..

So since its still our spring break... and the sun decided to come out... We went on our walk to the park.  On our way out from the house we heard a wierd noise like pellets falling on the ground.  ANd then all you hear is AGGGHHHH I think a bird shit on me... ANd then you hear.. AGGHHH I think it pooped on my head.. Poor Javi and Yoya were victims of a fly by poop. We look up and see a lot of birds in the tree.. So Javi tries to get them back by throwing a red ball...Didn't do much.. But I think their screams scared them.


And on our way to the park we had most of the kids.  All except for the twins joined us.  So it was only 6 kids.. only 6.. But I swear when we walked.. just a block away from the compound.. almost everyone was amazed at how many kids Javi and I had.  We even read some lips .. "one.. two..".. or "what a big family".. Someone even told us.. oh a family affair.. All Javi could say was yeah we're the new Brady Bunch.  And I wasn't about to explain to them all oh.. only 4 are my kids and 2 are my nieces ... or yeah.. and what... So we just smiled at all passing by.  ( Later on that day I talked to Teresa and told her about peoples reactions.. and so we have a plan..guys don't know about it yet.. but we figured.. we'll have just Tere or just me walk with both hubbies... with all kids and walk holding both guys hands.. just to see how people react.. mess with their minds yeah.. I know they guys won't go for it.. but it would be hilarious just to see how people react).

And during the park... ALL KIDS (INCLUDING JAVI) had fun.. tag, swing, slides, sand. fun.

\Even my Ama loved the big slide... Thank goodness all the girls were there to go with her.. cause I would have freaked out climbing up the high slide.

And later on that night... we had a HELLAKIDS slumber party.. not planned ahead of time..  but thats the way we roll... Made some chocolate covered strawberries..   Papos watched Netflix on the phone.  while the girls...

the girls... Alina, Lala, Yoya, Ari, Sofi danced to "Whip my hair"... ANd so they whipped it...
And threw their hands up.

Poor girls... I think they whipped it to hard.. Some had to take tylenol today...Now Javi is massaging the back of Lala's head...She says she slept wrong but I think she just partied to hard.. no whipping it for her anymore..

Monday, March 28, 2011


This weekend... has gone by way to fast...
We got home tried to unpack... tried to get ready... for a wonderful event.
We were so honored to be able to attend and be part of a 50th anniversary.   It is such an awesome thing to see two people in love  and be able to see that love, life and happiness can be forever!
I was also so happy to try to take pictures of the event... Now remember we did have all of the kids... so trying to take care of all the kids with me and hubby and try to take pictures.. is a hard thing.. but we can try to do it... So I'm not satisfied and wish I could have done more... but I guess that means I'm just gonna have to bug them and take some stalker, paparazzi pictures :).

 Just a few... of what I took... Although I think that night.. I perfected the technique of holding a baby... taking a picture with my left hand.. even though I'm right handed... That's what  a hellakids..mama does.
And my baby girl and her daddy having their moment of dancing... And yes Javi almost died that night... Some boys were trying to innocently dance with the girls.. Javi being the over-protected dad didn't like it.. He busted it and danced in between them... I told him to be ready... For when they do become teens.. And now we have already signed up to be chaperones at their middle school dances  (yet they have 2 years till they get there) ... Aye poor girls
 And since Saturday was a WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL DAY..  Sunday was a lounging day.. I mean seriously I woke up and told Javi.. Today I ain't doing anything.. Its Lounging day!  And all Hellakids were over ...  play date.

 And this is how you feed the hellakids crew...
And then I look back and all the OG's were  gone... .


And they answered... AMA!

 I thought she was still part of the baby crew... I guess since she will be two this Friday... they consider her to be out from the baby label... I'm still gonna call them our babies... 

Now gotta plan a party.. Gonna plan a Hellakids party with all babies.. hmmmm themes, water, dancing, margarita mixers... oh wait sounds like a party for us... Well they'll love it.  Plus the mamas should have the party too since we were apart of their birth too!

Slice of life

I love love love walking into a room and see this... Ran and got my camera and got this...

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I know I'm a day late.. but that's what happens when you are vacation ... everything... doesn't... have a timeline.
I also don't have any cords to connect my camera to the computers... So all the pics are from my iphone.  YAY for technology.
So yesterday we went to Discovery Science Museum.  The kids thought it was going to be a boring museum that their parents were forcing them to go to... Little did they realize that duh.. museums aren't boring.. and we weren't forcing them we were just making them go... ok ok forcing. But they loved it!  It was fun.  All 4 kids had a blast.  Here are some pics of our trip.


Javi and three older kids inside the wind tunnel.. Wind was going up to 70mph... I thought Ama was gonna fly out.. (Now I know what my peeps at home are feeling this weekend). 

Kids kicking it at Elmo's Pad.. They sure do know how to make themselves feel right at home.

Part of the crew.. hitting up 123 Sesame Street...

This would have been my favorite place... We use to pretend to have a grocery store at our house after we came back shopping.. So we had our make believe cash registers.. made the noise when we swiped the items.. Rebagged the items (even when my ma was yelling oh I mean telling us to put the groceries away).  And to have this... It would have been amazing.  So yes.. I was playing with them too.

And who would have thought that taking the kids to a museum and paying for tickets and spending all day there wouldn't be the highlight to one of the kids day... Yes now we know what easy and inexpensive way to entertain Amali... Find stairs and a ramp for her to run around and around and around... for like 20 m ins..  And she almost died when we were leaving... So I'm on a hunt.. To a random location so she can have her fun again!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The park

We love our trips to the park. Javi and the kids love to play games all the time. So everytime we come to a new park it's such a great time that the kids never want to leave. And since the big kids and little kids love the park both Mama and Dada have to go on the structure with them. Javi doesn't mind, neither do I but....

Heights still make me nervous. And why is it so easy for kids to climb up and jump around and run around and go crazy without getting nervous.  I was up there and I couldn't let go.. So now I'm just going to make myself use to these heights and expect to NOT get chills and a tickle in my stomach.. Cause I won't be afraid.. I won't i wont I wont!

And since we are at a park you'd expect the bathroom to be close by... right. Well it wasn't that close by... and thank goodness the kids didn't need to go... but I was thinking man if they do .. how would I do this if Javi wasn't there.. You see when we are involved in activities outside.. Sometimes.. I'm not ashamed.. but sometimes.. Papos.. would just go.. outside.. at the compound.. (Great now you are gonna see the compound all different)  Don't worry he doesn't just whip it out and randomly go everywhere... He had a spot (cause he doesn't do it anymore)...he he he..
Anyhow it was a habit that Javi got him use to... They would be in the middle of a game.. and Papos was doing his potty dance and I would yell PAPOS go to the bathroom.. But since he didn't want to miss much of the game... Javi said, "You need to go number 1?"
Papos - "Yeah!"
Javi- "ok.. just go there" and point to a certain corner

So he got use to just going... going in that corner.  And I would say.. Jeez boys I think they could see you... But according to them it didn't happen a lot.
SO back at the park... I thought man.. if I was by myself.. I hope Papos wouldn't try to go  like he use too..
And what do I hear... A boy say MOM.. I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!  
Wasn't my boy.. whew.. but wouldn't matter Javi was there.  But that boy ran.. Not sure where.  And then I hear his sisters say.. MA MA... BRANDON IS GOING TO THE BATHROOM BEHIND THE TREE... 
Ma said- Its okay..leave him alone.

OMG.. wow.. guess she didn't teach him that number 1 was probably better to do in public then number 2.  So big brother goes to check it out.. while mom is RUNNING SO FAST to her boy.. to stop him from going..
And yes.. I took a picture.. couldn't help to.. and laugh.. I know .. I'm hearing it.. (celena..somethings don't need to be taken a picture of..) But how can you imagine it with out a visual... not a bad one though.

So yes.. I was a proud mama.. to know that I taught my boy well!  If its an emergency boys.. only number 1.. but try to make it to the bathroom.. Infact.. I don't think we've ever been to a park where they've gone to the bathroom out in public.  But yes.. I was proud of my boys anyway.
And here's the picture that I was taking of the girls until.. I was interrupted with the bathroom call.

And here are my kids earlier today kicking at Walmart.. enjoying a day out relaxing..

And the man of my dreams... my man... saved my baby girl today... Ama was hungry and stuffed  a lot in her mouth.. and was choking..(Yes, Teresa, CHOKING.. you would have died) I almost died... SHe was red in the face.. couldn't cough it up.. SO he got her up, swooped it out of her mouth, hit her back... and she was fine.. Took me a while to calm down.. but she got up took a breath.. said.. ew yucky.. and was off to go play... Oh that girl... Scared the heck out of me.. But my man.. SAVED THE DAY!

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