Monday, December 27, 2010


Traveling in a plane to another country was going to be the hardest part but I forget how everything else is just as a big task as the plane ride. Our daily trips have to have a 2 hour prep time to be out the whole day. Kids need to be dressed (all 8), sunblock needs to be on (all 8), kids need to be feed (all 8), adults need to be feed, hats, strollers, diapers, formula, snacks, bottles, wipies, extra clothes cause if you don't aye.. and so much more. Thank god we have 6 adults here helping out with all the tasks to get it going...

cause if you forget you will have a moment like this..

I forgot Santiago's (last baby on the far right) change of clothes so on Xmas eve dinner he had his pamper and sweater on (:..

Or even forgetting to get the xmas stocking.. so having to use shoes :)

But all in all it so far has been a blast..


Crystal said...

What a FUN Christmas vacation! I love the creative use of shoes in absence of stockings.

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Kathleen said...

You're a very brave woman to travel with so many kiddies. They're lucky! I loved your tips. We 're planning on taking our son to visit my husband's family in El Salvador in April, so I will be using your ideas. The last time we took him he was only 8 months, so he needed a lot less entertaining!

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Kristi said...

Hi from MBC! I am following you and looking forward to your posts.