Monday, January 2, 2012

Sometimes I wish

Sometimes I wish...

-that we could win the lotto or something so that i can be home like i am during vacation.
i did once. that was when i just had the babies. that is not going to happen soon.
i think that i relax more (duh), get to know my kids more, and enjoy it all more with out the work stress.

-i can be organized. i am, in my own make believe way. but i want things to be labeled, and look like the magazine.

-i could go shopping for myself in ANY store. ANY. Not feel guilty with what i buy and shop shop shop shop.

-i could just spend my days (after taking care of kids etc) learning about photography, buy new equipment and just snap like crazy.

-i could put make up on.. you know without having to mess up clean my face and start over again..

only a few of sometimes i wish... but then again it's only sometimes. otherwise i'm good.


LilyRo said...

Celena love your blog! Thank you for the comment on mine ;)

Family Travellers said...

Found you from "People I want to Punch." Looks like you have a lot on your plate, but it looks like you're raising some sweet kids. Thanks for sharing.