Monday, February 18, 2013


I learned how to play the piano, as well as the clarinet when I was in elementary. Ok, so really knowing a few songs on both doesnt really count BUT I can try to read music and still know how to play the 2 songs I learned!  Anyhow, MUSIC .. playing it, hearing it, dancing to it, singing it... makes everything so much better!

I'm not a big fan of anyone or any type and yes I'm definitely not a professor of the knowledge of music and I know Pandora stations and even radio stations are limited to certain type of music but oh my music is awesome. duh.

I was just sitting here "working" on my lessons/plans/prepping/ ideas rolling and then I placed my Pandora on... and went on the blog and ... was motivated to do something else... dance, sing, hug my kids, kiss my husband, clean (weird I know), sleep, run, smile, dance again, jump, walk, skip, ... well you get the picture. 
It motivated me to do more. Even daydream.  Daydream about anything and everything.  Like if magically the real "work" was completed and I was able to do more and listen to music.  I'm such a daydreamer.  Stories and stories in my head about I don't even know what. Really I don't know because my memory doesnt let me remember my day dreams and so they are always new to me.

Anyhow, music makes everything better.  One day I want to be like the movies and TV.. and just bust out in a song or a dance while shopping or at school, I want happy endings to things like lessons in class, homework complete, bathroom cleaned, laundry done... my happy endings at least and I want them to end with a song.  A kiss from the lovers in the movie... A beautiful scenic view with Music... a happy ever after.  I want to dance/sing (probably just dance) to everything.  you know when the house becomes a mess and your just angry and a great song comes on ... and you dance and let everything out... and then magically the house is clean.   Or like when you are at the store.. and you, well, are not your very best.. and just feel like you look like crap.  And then "PYT" goes on.. and I don't mean on at the store.. but on in your head, everyone else can hear it.. everyone else is dancing.. you know like in the movies...and then you think.. heck I might look like crap.. but I don't feel it anymore...yeah... daydreaming.  movies. TV. not real. But wouldn't that be awesome.

So what does this have to do with hellakids.  Imagine how much does/would get done if it was like the movies.  Imagine how many emotions/feelings would not be confused if music would just play. Babies would have music to just communicate and all the confusion would be gone.  The house clean. Homework done. workouts finished. dinner a success and cleaned up. practices and taxi drop offs done.  All with a happy musical ending.  All with a song/dance to go with it.  People would be a lot happier.

And so I declare world peace... with Music! 

OK. Sorry, eventually my next post will be back to reality :)  until then enjoy.


Friday, January 25, 2013


I love Friday. Oh, for so many reasons, but I do kind of feel a tad guilty. I kind of feel a little guilty because  today the NG's had  PJ day at preschool.  Now don't get me wrong I LOVE PJ day.  The guilt is only coming from the fact that its Friday, they're in their PJs and I um.... don't feel like changing them out of it.  And neither do they want to get out of it.  Is that bad?  Heck no... It's FRIDAY!

Happy Friday everyone....

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I know forever... forever... but hellakids means hellabusy...    So many  things to update, so many events, happenings, life and more.. but who has the time to sit and write?  Not me. 

A new school year has approached and we are already in mid January!  {and when I originally started this post it was November, so that's how busy I am} The NG babies are already in preschool and our OG kiddos are either in elementary or middle school.  At first I was terrified of this change thinking they would drastically change to screaming toddler or some hormonal tweenish attitude kiddos.  But I'm proud to say that my crazies are the same, growing up but still the same CrAzIes!  I'm now too distracted to keep writing because my babies keep wanting this.. that... no I do it.. no I want to.. no no no... !  Sorry as you can tell I'm dealing with 2 and 3 year olds :) 

In the mean time here are my hellakids:

Monday, October 1, 2012

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A not so fun birthday for him

the guilt of a mother is nothing you'd ever want to feel. The.... I've could have done more... I should have done more... its all my fault.  The feeling of how you failed your child...  Its a horrible feeling.

Lets start from the beginning of the week.  The first week of May is always crazy for us... school testing, prepping, birthdays, celebrations etc... Lala and Santiago's birthday only 2 days apart doesn't help much with the it not being crazy.  But it is what it is and we do our best to celebrate them.  (still trying to instill the idea giving gifts to the mama instead because of giving birth and life to her kids. its not flying with the masses).
So we decided to just have cake for their birthday and celebrate their birthday later in June.. Like a pool party or something.

Ok.. I know you're wondering where the guilt comes in.  Here it is...


1.   Normally we don't do gifts and the kids don't expect (at least  I don't think so)  their gift is their party.. but I still felt guilty not getting anything for the kids...

2.  I didn't take the day off to spend time with Lala.. I did with Santi (continue on reading) but not with Lala.

3.  I did take the day off on Santiago's birthday... but mainly because he was having his dental procedure.

Santiago need to get fillings and work done because.. here it goes.. mothers guilt.. He has bad teeth.
I blamed the bottle, being the baby, bad habits.. etc.. and it was probably everything put together.  But I knew that we had to get it done.. I knew that if I wanted to protect him from bad teeth that we needed to get this done.  SO Friday he went in... We knew it was gonna be bad.. and long and probably the most work that any of the others would have gotten but ... still not a good feeling.  And yes we did it on his birthday :(  The only time open, would have waited forever if we didn't do it on that day.  So there that's number 4.

4.  Having done the procedure on his birthday.

So we went... got it done.. talked to the dentist.. he put him to sleep.. waited.. freaking out a bit but knew that he was going to be fine... we knew it because we have done it before with Papos........

When all was done... The dentist came to talk to us.. First thing he said was he did great.  He was awesome and was waking up soon.  He then explained to us that his enamel was weak. Whether we did everything we could to prevent it... it would have happened.  His enamel  is so weak that he is even thinking that this won't be the last time he will need to get something done... even if we brush, flouride, keep away from sugars.. etc... (which we do).  Its just his luck :(  the bad teeth luck... And so... this is what he had to do...

Remove 4 yes 4 bottom teeth, put 4 yes 4 silver caps on his front top teeth.  Put silver caps on some of his baby molars... and is predicting his other baby molars that are coming in will need work because of how weak it is.

I knew it was coming I knew this is what needed to be done.. but such an awful guilty horrible feeling for us.  I wish it could have been me..

The doctor also told us.. make sure we make him feel good about it.  Don't worry and make him worry.  Help him feel special and that he is not the only one with the caps.  Don't let him feel self conscious about the way he looks.. and javi replied..."yeah, we can even show him some rap videos so he can see.."
silly man.

  Here is my boy... and his Grills  yes.. i had to add Paul and his grills

So even if doc says it was bound to happen.. the guilt is still there...
He's still my cute precious baby boy..



Monday, April 30, 2012

Back again

My Dearest Blog,
I am so sorry I have ignored you for 2 months.  I have been super duper crazy busy but then again who the hell isn't.  So I only blame the fact that I do not have a laptop to be able to take around the house and post on the blog... And I do think mother's day/ birthday (july) is coming ..  so maybe I'll add that to my list of a million things I'd like.  And I'd like to wish that if I win the lotto one day I could purchase all that's on my list.. but then it wouldn't be a wish list and then I wouldn't have a wish list... and who would I be without a wish list.. someone who doesn't wish... Nah... I'm good.

So blog after blaming time for not being able to post.  You have a lot of catching up to do... And the easiest way to do that is to over load you with pictures... So don't complain blog.. Here you go :)

There are more stories and pics to tell but that would mean I need some catching up to do... Eventually dear blog.. I'll catch up! :)


Thursday, February 9, 2012

D is for Dynamic Dyson!

Sometimes I get worried about getting new things. Especially when we are so comfortable with what we already have trying something new is scary. Well, we knew it was time for a new vacuum, but getting a Dyson was a big move. You might be thinking.. really Celena.. a vacuum.. you're worried about a vacuum. Yes, I'm lame like that. So after a while with my Dyson... I'm a little worried....

Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE MY DYSON... but either

A. We have been living in filth this whole time .. Cause everytime I vacuum seriously EVERY . TIME . I . VACUUM . I get a huge amount of dirt in the Dyson. After I vacuum every room I need to empty it out. I'm wondering if my old vacuum did anything this last year.. because the Dyson just keeps picking up dirt.

B. We bring in the filth every day. I know you are probably thinking.. yeah you have hellakids.. but seriously that bad.. hmmm maybe I'll have a rule to undress yourself and change to "houseclothes" so we can minimize filth.


C. The DYSON is an amazing vacuum that it is picking up EVERYTHING even down to my own CARPET.. and by this summer my carpets will be sucked up by the Dyson that our floors will be bare with no carpet left...

All options.. Scare me!

Still love Dyson though.

And here are my babies... these are the facial expressions that they give their mama everyday..