Meet the "OG" Original Grandchildren

In a blog you have the right to write just about anything you want.. the who, what, where, when, why and how of life.

This blog is an introduction to my life, a part 1 of introduction to who I live for.

So with that I jot down a few words about my babies, my hellakids. Which will be hard because I could go on forever and ever about them but I guess you will find out more with the blog.

some are ones that I pushed out and others are my babies from another mama (my sista).. but they're all my babies. As they say it takes a village....

AKA Lulu, Lala

What we call our first baby.. (only lasted 3months though :)) Loving, helpful, and an athlete at heart...
AKA Yoya, Yaya

She was born 3 months and 3 days after Lala.  So our other first baby. (my sister's first daughter) Sweet, caring and beautiful.

AKA Sofi, Yaya
(My sisters 2nd daughter) she adds on the the fun of the trio girls.. she is a reader, smart and always 10 steps ahead of all of us. :)

AKA Papos, Javi
He is our first boy.  With great imagination, sensitivity and very active.

I could have wrote so much more but I know that most of you know them and if not hoping you will be able to get to know their personalities through the blog...
2nd generation yet to come.