Well if you know me I'm from Cali.. Cali girl at heart.. At least I think I am. I lived in both places, NorCal and SoCal . But most of the time I've been up North. I was born in Santa Barbara Cali and moved up north when I was about 3 years old. I moved out and went to school in San Diego for about 5 years. Before moving to San Diego I figured hey it’s in the same state how can anything be different. Boy was I wrong.

When I first started college at S..D...S..U...SDSU...fight fight fight, sorry had to do it.

I went in thinking hmmm I know this I know this… Boy was I wrong. My new life in SD was very educational and that was before I even started college.

I learned that not all cars are the same.. the make and model do matter and not every car was a Honda.
I learned that even though I had a car Isuzu Imark, it wasn’t a Honda
I learned that our fashion sense up north at that time was a tad bit behind Socal.

My girls and boys from State were teaching me new things and thank you for that Locas and Locos.  But what couldn’t leave, what never left, what kept on slipping out.. was my hella ness. Hella is a Nor cal word for well..sick, really, totally, slamming, A LOT and more. It just wouldn’t leave my mouth.. hella this, hella that… hella hella hella…

So when I returned to up north it just was part of my regular vocab. So last year after having my babies back to back, and always having a group of kids with us, and doubling up the Rodriguez grandkids in less than 2 years it felt appropriate to be hellakids. I also have to give props to my soccer mamas that well know the hellakids.com experience (parking hmm why not have a special parking for hellakids that’s a discussion for another blog).

And so the name hellakids stuck. And there it is.. why hella.