Thursday, January 26, 2012

Moments to remember

I'll set the scene for you...

We are all snuggling cuddling on the bed. Some how we all fit. Amali is the last to climb on. She's chewing on something, really not sure what. She take's it out of her mouth and hands it to Javi. She places it so close to his mouth as if she is wanting to shove it in his mouth.

Amali: Here Daddy, Here eat it... here Daddy eat it, its for you
Javi: What the um.. ok.. Thanks Ama

Javier takes a look at it trying to figure out what the heck she was trying to feed him. He's being polite, looking at it while she is staring him down wondering why he hasn't eaten it...

Amali: Eat it Daddy.
Javi: Thanks
Amali: It's Disgusting... Yuck Disgusting.
Javi: Thanks Ama...

We couldn't stop laughing... Hey at least she was being thoughtful sharing her snacks even if she thought they were disgusting...

PS it was a chewed up raisin...

Monday, January 16, 2012


Being sick is not so fun. You'd think that feeling really yucky and achy that you'd sleep all day.. right.. wrong. I am waking up early, and cant sleep at all. I don't like this sickness. Its not working for me, I've been cheated.

You know moms, you know that we have a mini vacation when we are sick. I'll be first to admit it. Sometimes we have to sacrifice things just for a little mini break... I might be beat down for letting the secret out but those other mamas that don't know it need to know...

How we get Mini Vacations...
1. Being sick allows me to sleep ALL DAY. I might feel like crap and ache and everything. But to be allowed to sleep ALL DAY (and sleeping in cause your husband has everything under control doesn't count) is nice. I mean in bed, PJs and all, maybe hair not comb, no worry of kids, meals, cleaning up, work... ALL DAY. I'd don't want a whole weekend of being sick just a day would be fine.

2. Having another baby. What the heck.. you might ask.. Yes after having Ama and Santiago being in the hospital being catered for was nice. Yes I know I was still taking care of an infant but it was like a mini getaway.

3. Work conferences.. this rarely.   But back in the day when we use to was sweet.

So I think I need to do this cold/flu/sinus infection what ever it is all over again.  I think I know why I cant rest... I made a list this Friday of things I need to get done by this weekend and I haven't done any of it.  Damn that list...   

On a bright side... Look what we got :)  I'll be posting my pros and cons for our new family member Dyson Ball.  We still have love for our Kenmore but he'll be doing other jobs in the playroom/workout room.

Two from this weekend...

She will read anywhere..


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sofi's words

So Sofia is a funny girl.. A bright, intelligent, 10 steps ahead of you girl.  We need to write a book on just the things Sofia says.. hilarious... Teresa told me.. "You know Sofia was telling me.. its kind of wierd going into Mama's house.. you know after Christmas.. When all the decorations are gone... Its just a stick.. A stick on the wall."

And she was right.  I found this idea on pinterest to place this stick so I can hang my stockings.  I loved it.  wierd I know.. but I did.  And after Christmas and decorations put away.. it was just a stick.. a stick on the wall..

So Sofia... this is for you baby girl.

I'll see if this sticks.. on the stick :)  clipping recent artwork or any work from the kids.  Yes that is a pumpkin.. I know two holidays ago.. but just had to test it out.   (
So Sofia.. do you like now?   Is it  better then just the stick on the wall?  Thanks Sofi... for making me notice that it is just a stick on the wall :)  (oh and  I know eventually I'll get to that picture and straighten it out.. someday)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sometimes I wish

Sometimes I wish...

-that we could win the lotto or something so that i can be home like i am during vacation.
i did once. that was when i just had the babies. that is not going to happen soon.
i think that i relax more (duh), get to know my kids more, and enjoy it all more with out the work stress.

-i can be organized. i am, in my own make believe way. but i want things to be labeled, and look like the magazine.

-i could go shopping for myself in ANY store. ANY. Not feel guilty with what i buy and shop shop shop shop.

-i could just spend my days (after taking care of kids etc) learning about photography, buy new equipment and just snap like crazy.

-i could put make up on.. you know without having to mess up clean my face and start over again..

only a few of sometimes i wish... but then again it's only sometimes. otherwise i'm good.