Sunday, August 14, 2011

Keeping me young

First of yes... it was a regular Sunday.. crazy trying to get ahead of the week type Sunday.  That meant running errands, laundry, food shopping, house cleaning, yard cleaning, classroom working etc. etc.  And so I did some of that... with my Santiago.. and he was enjoying it.. unitl.....

he. was OUT!!

And I love hanging out with the girls.. I love taking them to my classroom to help.. I love taking them along everywhere.. Sometimes I feel like telling them that line from Mean Girls. You know when the mom tells her daughter and friends.. " Oh you keep me so young.. I love you!"...
And i do.. I do feel that way..  

And then they say something like this..

Yoya:  Mama what is that?
Me:  What is what?
Yoya:  (Pointing)  what is that... I don't know what it is.. what is that?
Me:.. what.. oh my.. bhhhh heh ehhehe waa haa haa he hehehe.. um thats what you call a typewriter.
Lala: oh..yeah.. thats where I think you put the paper and do something..
Me: you mean type... aye girls!

And I oh so didn't feel so young... But then again I had a great laugh.. so I hear laughing helps you out.. it keeps you younger... so they say. :)

In front of a foreign object.. in their eyes.

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