Saturday, August 27, 2011


You know someone has once asked me... "How do you do it? I mean.. everything.. how do you do it?".. And I just reply.. "don't .... we do!"
You see I'm not perfect.. neither is anything around me.. house is ok, kids.. are healthy.. and WE are happy.   And what it comes down to is FAMILY.  In everyday events.. family is always there.  Because if I didn't have them.. then we couldn't do it.  And I hope that I teach all my kids the importance of it all..and that is family.

We have been blessed to have had our annual reunion going now for I think 7 years.  We are very lucky to have such a beautiful place where we all can meet up.. But filling it up with family is what makes it beautiful.

We are so lucky to be able to have 3 days together hanging out, talking, catching up, taking pictures, watching skits/routines, listening to awards given out, helping out with breakfast/lunch/dinner, and so much more.  It's something that I can't describe in words but just feel like how it should always be.

Here are just a few... and only a few.. of our weekend.. (side note: familia if you don't want your picture up.. please let me know... I respect that and will take it down :))  And I'm excited for November.. when my other side of the family will meet up for a mini reunion too! :)


 We also had a visit from the bear.. Came to us one night.. and returned the next day.. oh wait that's Javi.. Never mind just came to us one night. :)

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