Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back again

Time again for crazy schedules, work, school, practice, games, events, things.... wait a minute.. when did that ever stop?... I guess never. This week was our first full week of Ama starting preschool. She has a love/hate relationship. And hopefully she learns to just love it. I guess i'm more nervous for her cause she is the first one for me to be on her own. The OG's always started out with someone with them. Yoya and Lala.. together.. then Sofi the next year and before Sofi left Papos went in.. man we kept the preschool business rolling. But Ama is kind of by herself.. no cousin, no sister/brother... She does have family friends there. Which I way soo excited about.. So I know she will be fine. She's Ama and if it was up to her she'd be teaching the class.. But still makes me hurt just a little... to see when she is sad and roaming the playground by herself. She'll be fine... She'll love it...eventually.

First day of Preschool.

And now that morning routines are back... its crazy in the morning... no time for home cooked meals... so I thought.. until... My cousin Diego saved the day... Secrets that aren't really secrets but I had no idea about it until he showed us and now I'm hooked..

Microwaving Scrambled eggs. ANd you think that sounds nasty.. nope its yummy. and pretty fluffy.

A very convenient, less of a mess and quick way to make scrambled eggs.

And since it's not a secret.. i'm sharing for all those who'd like to try it.. And please share with me how it went.

Step 1. Get a bowl. and eggs. Scramble well...
Step 2. Add milk to eggs. Not a lot and not a little... just the right amount :) and scramble
Step 3. microwave for about 1 minute.
Step 4. Take it out. Scramble again. Add salt or/and pepper.
Step 5. Place back in microwave for 2-3 min (depends on microwave and amount of eggs)
(keep an eye on it cause if you leave it in too long eggs will rise..)
Step 6. take out. mix it up and eat it.

many steps.. easy steps... quick meal and clean up is not so bad... unless you have Santiago who just leaves

his mess everywhere.

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