Friday, August 5, 2011

Things I'm not..

Happy birthday to little G. Miss Yoya is a year older and I'm not there to eat some cake with her.. But we did have some cookies today shhh don't tell.

I know I know it's been forever. And we start school next week.. I'm probably going to somehow post more when work is going. Weird I guess, I think I work better when I'm stressed. So my last weekend and we are all on our way for Lala and her team soccer tourney. And since I have time sitting and waiting I thought I'd post ... Things I am not...

I am not an organizer... I always say oh on trips I know how we can pack the stuff, the car, and we all will have more room... Nope.

Looks somewhat comfy right.. What you don't see is how we fit in everything else.. The "monster" is not big enough.

I'm not a nail artist... Meaning o can't paint my own damn nails even one decent color..and I will spare you the image of my toes.. Lets just say not cute!

I am not a cosmotologist.. I know how do I expect to be if I have no school or experience right... Poor Santiago. Cute hair bad bangs...

That's it for now... I have many things I am and many that I'm definitely not.-

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