Thursday, July 21, 2011

F I T!

So the last few weeks that I have of vacation are dedicated to getting ready, ready to hit the school year healthy and strong... For the next  weeks my days are scheduled for doctors appointments..
The list:
Just had my physical
Lala and Papos had theirs today
Next week lala and Papos get their eyes checked
Next week Ama gets her foot checked out
Lala just had her orthodontist appointment
Going to schedule her speech therapy
Papos has his orthodontist appointment next month
Dentist appointments coming up
My next check up is next month
Lala needs to go back and get another shot next month
... whew... and more.
 I knew that I needed to go for my physical.. I mean how come no one ever told me that being pregnant 2 years back to back does not mean that you had your regular physical.. I was at the Docs office all the time for my check ups.. I assumed they were checking me up too.  BUt I guess now its time for me.. So I had my appointment.. Went with my other list.. The list of what the hell is wrong with me.. how do i fix it and will I be ok..
Here it is:
Whats wrong with my...
lower back
my veins
am I anemic (whole other story.. Teresa even has a song dedicated to her being anemic.)

and more..  I went in not telling my doc i had a list.. but he was smart and already knew I had one. He said we can do the regular appointment or hit up your list... So the list was first..
ME: Well heres my list.. My elbow hurts and so does my wrist.. whats wrong with it..?
Doc: Lets check oh looks like it my be tennis elbow... don't do this.. treat it like this.. take care of it..
ME: OK  next my lower back and hips are bothering me and I know it has to do with my weight but whats wrong with me..
Doc: So lower back and hips were on your list but not your weight.
ME: well Yeah .. I know cause I know the problem about my weight I know how to solve it.. but I have no idea of the other things.
Doc: so.. why isn't it on the list..
ME (Thinking. damn it. i knew it. crap. ok. here it goes) I know i'm over weight and I'm working on it. But what about the other things.
DOC: So what do you eat.. do you exercise
Me: (Crap.. there goes the list)  Sigh... ok doc what do i have to do..
DOC: Have you thought about being a vegan?
ME: (ummmm.....) No.

So... I think the Doc has a plan for me.  Tere wants me to go for it.. but a vegan?  really.. doesn't he know I'm married to Javi who is a carnivore and I'm not creative when it comes to cooking.  So he's going to see me in a month.. do the regular check up.. check how I'm doing on my own (not vegan way) and see if I can do it.. otherwise he has a plan...
So we all decided to have a competition.. see who loses more weight.. or body mass or anything.. motivation to get our butt moving...  Let's GO!

My motivation now is to keep up with them.. Cause they leave me in the dust.. Here we go!

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Tiff said...

Good luck with this! It is so hard to get motivated!! Hope you have a great night!