Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stroller mania

I'm not one to preach about things that people should get and buy.  But I do post about what works for me.  You see my sister is a little crazy over strollers.  When she had her first set of "twins"(side note... no they are not twins but 18 months apart might as well be).. she tried every stroller on the block. She was never really happy bout any of them. Eight years later when she found out she was pregnant again.. she was shocked.. and then excited because then she realized she could get the expensive awesome stroller that she loved for her baby.  Not to long after looking up in the internet, imagining and loving the thought of finding the perfect stroller for her and the baby... she found out she was having twins... She was shocked... scared... excited.. speechless... and then sad... Sad because her idea of getting that stroller not sure which one but probably the expensive weird looking one was gone.. and she was on the hunt.. of finding a great double stroller...

I'm guessing she likes this one.. but I could be wrong!

Fast forward to after I had my "twins" I  always asked her which one was the best.. which stroller I should buy  she always gave me names that I never remembered.. So Javi and I went shopping one day and bought a compact great double stroller for the babies.  We needed it to be a compact easy going one for all of our trips.. And it worked.. And then every where I would go.. I'd see these huge bulky double jogging like strollers that anywhere you go they were there.  At the beach, Sea World, the park, every side walk, the mall, grocery shopping, soccer games, soccer tournaments, I mean everywhere.... and I had no idea what it was.. Shoot we even saw some in Mexico.  then I realized they were the BOB strollers... I had no information on this stroller..heck I had no idea who BOB was.. but it was everywhere. It got to the point were Teresa and I would be at random locations and call eachother up with our tallies of how many BOBS we saw that day.

And then came our trip to San Diego...Pictures might be a tad bit louder than words.

Ama was reenacting the scene from FRED Flinstones movie...everyday.. I had a automatic break installed without even knowing.. She was talented.. and I was going crazy.  I'd be walking then almost trip over the stroller cause Ama placed her foot down to stop.  We'd be taking a nice slow stroll around the city when all of a sudden we were speeding up as if we were racing another baby.. It was crazy.  So then it hit me.. I need a BOB.. yes I'll follow and be like everyone else.  Then I realized how much $$ it cost.. and the idea of being like everyone else went away... But then it hit me.. Hello... I'm in SOCAL.. San Diego and Orange County.. I should check Craigslist to see if someone.. anyone bought one didn't like it or needed it and is selling it for a cheap price...

and guess what.........................

There was... and I got it..

  And I think the BOB is on my sisters list of great Strollers... So I got the stamp of approval from the stroller queen.. and the kids are happy..and its ORANGE :) and we are back in control..

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