Friday, May 6, 2011

Tis the Season!

As soon as 90s hit... The kids couldn't resist.  Actually it was 94 in the car drive home from school... and outside it was around 87... So really high 80's starts our season, season of swimming.  I love this season.  They swim, get out, dry out, play, swim again, get out, dry out, get a snack and then back in the pool.  This goes on every day during the season.  Plus they're asleep by 8ish from all the swimming they do.  This summer our goal is to get Ama to swim.  This week was her time in the water with a jack and floaties.  By the end of the day.. She was swimming on her own.  And on her own means.. with floaties and jacket but with out an adult holding her.  She loved it so much she didn't want to get out.  She swam for almost 2 hours.  And we found out it worked for her too.  She got in took a shower, ate and she was out by 7:30.  YES!  Santiago was upset the whole time.  He didn't like the yearly ritual of Javi throwing the kids in the pool. Poor baby... all he sees and hears are his older sibling (except Ama) Screaming, laughing and running away from Javi then eventually thrown in the pool.  It freaked him out.  So the whole time we sat away from them just watching, crying and hugging.  But our Season has begun...

Oh... you like Ama's Jacket... yeah she didn't like it either.. I wonder why???

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