Sunday, May 8, 2011

HMD! Another year in the Making!

Today was an awesome day!  Who couldn't love it. I sure did!  Its the simple things that make me happy. 
Time with Family, food and roses!  And after a year in waiting patiently (in Javi's part) I finally printed out some pictures and we put them up! 

It was a year in the making... but what a great Mama's day gift.. (oh yeah.. we don't mind the crookedness either.. it kind of goes with the structured chaos in our lives :)
And they got me the best gifts... Roses from the hubby, flowers from my sista, chocolate and Lala made me a ceramic mug and a poem.   Oh does that girl crack me up!  I love it!  Because honestly she is so right!

The twins say in their non-smiling serious cuteness look.. HAPPY MAMAS DAY!

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