Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Word.. I'm tired.

Because this Wednesday is like every day...and I'm tired... Someone has been waking me up at night.  Will be looking forward to our cereal date tonight.  (actually I'll be asleep and then probably be whacked in the face by the box, then put it away and go to sleep.) This Wednesday will be a picture Wednesday.. no story, no craziness...Just us.

It's spring and our trips to the park..are daily.  This is our down time... Before craziness begins!

Our day at the park. 

They roll in the sand.. they eat the sand.

And I look forward to calming this crazy rat nest.. I swear he takes a bath daily and we comb his hair... But somehow...I don't know.


The Paper Mama

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Anonymous said...

Celena... you leave me speechless with your pics... your view is so amazing...!
Lorrie :)