Thursday, April 14, 2011

Precious Moments

You would think that since Santiago is the baby that he would just want to be with his Mama.  You would think that when I arrive from work after a long day without me that he would crawl crazy to me and not let go.. You would think that every move I made he would turn his body and clap and smile for excitement to get my attention. .. You would think that right.. Well he does all of that... But not for me... He's just like his siblings... the love for a ball. Alright, alright I'm a little bit jealous.  As long as it's not another girl!

And guess who is taking more steps... If you guessed Papos.. you're wrong.  SANTIAGO IS! :)


I love this picture.. Such a precious moment.. So sweet, so loving... Daddy kissing his baby girl... with a caution tape on her hair...AWWWW :)

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