Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things that go bump in the night

I think its spring that I blame… Yeah spring is taking too much of my time, that I don’t have enough time to sit and post anything. I don’t mind spring.. since it has been such lovely days.. but jeez Spring… I got to get going.
I had a little cold this weekend. Boogers and cough attacks are going around my house. Saturday I completely lost my voice. Some say I had the sexy raspy voice… I say it was more like when Lindsey Lohan was waking up from her night of partying sound (not so sexy). I think I found the cure to how to fix that. You see soccer tournament season has started up for us. At least once a month we have a weekend full of games and days spent on the field. So that means at least up to two games a day. And if you know me..

I’m what you call the typical “soccer mama” that you hear about (not in the hot way) but the one that is always screaming on the sidelines. I don’t know what it is.. I just like to cheer. I guess I take it from my old cheerleading days (maybe I miss that) and I just yell, cheer, and scream. Mostly in a positive way “GO GIRLS”, “BE AGGRESSIVE”, “BLOCK HER “, “LADIES YOU ARE DOING AWESOME!” And then there are “LALA GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” “POWER POWER!”.. and you see me kicking with them (yes my right leg is a little muscular than the left). It’s in me to be that crazy soccer mama. And so since I had lost my voice from the awful cold I thought I wasn’t going to be able to cheer like I normally do. I was wrong. Somehow I was able to scream and cheer and yell. I think it had to do with the range of my voice. Because by Saturday night… I had my voice back! The cure to get your voice back… go to a soccer game and CHEER your heart out… Although if to some people I sounded sexy then why the hell do I want to find the cure.. oh well… either way my voice is back.

And every day my kids amaze me… Every night we tuck them in bed give them a kiss and hope that we sleep through the night. That doesn’t happen. Someone usually wakes us up. I’m used to it. Javi is used to it. I guess it’s in our routine. Recently we moved Amali to a big girl bed. She sleeps in her own bed and has a bed rail that protects her from falling off. And since she is an active girl I would think that she would be so tired from the day that she needs to sleep all night. Well that doesn’t happen either. Last night was just classic. It was an Ama moment. At about 1 am I could hear Amali call for someone. She usually talks in her sleep so I was waiting for her to go back to her dreams. Then I heard a thump. And a little pitter patters. She then started to call for Lala. Yes, I was lazy, and tired, and a little sick from my cold and from my bed I called for her. “AMA, AMA come here.” But she didn’t. “AMA! Come here sleep with Mama and Daddy.”
“lala,..Lala, LALA!” I heard her scream, although the scream didn’t sound like it was in her bedroom.
“AMA! Where are you.” I hear her footsteps coming in from the kitchen. She turned the corner with something in her hand. She came to the bed. I told her “Come here Ama, sleep with Mama.” She then shoved a cereal box at my face. “WHAT… What are you doing with a cereal box, Ama!”
“Lele, Mama, Lele!” Lele is the word for Leche which is milk. My 2 year old wanted a bowl of cereal at 1 in the morning.
“No, Ama, its time to go to sleep!” And you know what that girl did. She sat far away from the bed and protested! She said, “NO MIMIS MAMA.. LELE!”
I couldn’t help but laugh a little. Then picked her up got the cereal box, placed it on our dresser. I went to her room, laid with her in her bed and said… “NO. Its time for MIMIS!” She wasn’t a happy camper and whined a little and went to sleep.

My brave little girl walked to the kitchen in the dark, found the cereal box on the counter, got it, walked back and protested! Oh my this girl.. just like her mama. I should have just served her a bowl and had one with her, but I was tired. Maybe next time. But we did share a bowl this morning. And yes the whole time everyone was sound asleep. I think I’m gonna set up cameras around the house just to see what else this girl is up to at night.


Tiff said...

I love that you called your voice Lindsey Lohan raspy! Too funny!!

Clayton Thomas said...

Sounds like you have a very active house at all hours of the day!!!

All my best,


Margot Finke said...

Great family friendly blog, mate.

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