Thursday, April 7, 2011

Randomness runs in my mind everyday!

My parents are the BOMBA!  They came back from Puerto V.  bringing a little Puerto to us.. And so we were lucky to have some SHRIMP Salad.. YUMMMMMMMMM!  Thanks Ma and Pa!

And sometimes a got to post things I buy that are worth it.  You see the little ones take a bath together and usually with just one its not that hard.  But with two I need all hands that I can use.  So instead of pouring water on their head with one hand and holding back water from their face with the other... This blue contraction.. WORKS!  Put water in it.. place it in front of their heads and blocks the water from coming down on their face.  And since my kids were born with "hella" hair... well it works for us.  Cause we need one hand on each kid.  Not sure what its called but got it from "Tarje" (Target) on sale for like a little over $3. :) 

Cause if not... They go CrAzY!!!!!! (and I have to mop the bathroom when I'm not planning to)

And this week I have two sick, snotty, coughing babies.  So bed time is not as fun.  Last night we were all in bed.. when... Papos comes in he had a nightmare.. so he slept with us.  Then two hours later.. Santiago wakes up coughing coughing and coughing only thing that put him back to sleep was if he slept next to me... Then 1 hour later.. Ama wakes up and tries to join us too...Having 3 kids in our bed.. ain't gonna work.  Gotta come up with a plan... So warning if you come over.. we have a "23-19 a 23-19!!" (sick kids alert!)

The Paper Mama

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