Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WORD..almost Thursday!

It seems like in my blog world its been a slow week. When in reality it has just been a catching up week.. back at work.. picking up routines.. sports, practices, laundry. cleaning. changing diapers. laundry. planning birthday parties. laundry. So really its just been really busy definitely not slow.
Wednesdays are days where at the end of it.. it's a happy day because its close to Friday.  
First it starts with a sock.  This sock means so much. The sock that out of all the random things in our house that sock.. just stays there.  I don't know how it got there.  Probably dropped from the laundry basket or a certain 10 year old didn't throw it in the laundry room... Either way it was there.  Not just 1 day or 2 days or even 3 days... It was like 1 week or more.  I saw it.. Walked past it, looked at it... I'm sure I thought I should pick it up... But did I nope.. and that's not the problem.. that poor lonely sock looking for a foot to go on or a dresser to stay in just laid there.  Not 1 of any people in my household picked it up..The sock. just laid there for a week or so.  And I even think we vacuumed with the sock there.. So i took the picture and waited to see how long it took.  And wouldn't you know .. THIS WEDNESDAY the sock found a home. Someone picked it up.

And Spring is here. So that means its time to get the garden ready.  But for the little ones its all about getting in the dirt.  Or for Ama its all about getting her brother dirty. Santiago didn't seem to mind getting a "little" dirt on him. 

And Papos' strawberry plant was the first to be planted.  We are prepared to take care of this plant.  (and if it doesn't survive we are prepared to replace it.. Cause Papos would be devastated if he saw his plant down)
And yes the kids are out... and enjoying the sun.. I also get my exercise on by pushing them on a jeep car that doesn't work.. While Miss Lala enjoys the sun writing on the floor with chalk.

And I'm thankful for many things today... One is... today while bending over to help tie Papos' shoe.. 
he ask..  - Mama why is your booty so big.
I said.. .Um What?
Papos.. WHy is your booty so big?  Is it because you're an adult..Is that why..
Me.. Sure.. thats why.. and Thank you!
Papos... Your welcome!

You see normally I would give him like a "you said WHAT" face.. but today I didn't...because in the days of J-LO and Kim Kardashian  having a big booty is not so bad... And even if I was bending down and I know that my booty is nothing like JLO and Kim.. I'll take it the way I hear it... In the eyes of my boy.. I have a big booty... And I'm ok with that. :)

Thank you for showing me what love is all about!  We are very blessed to have such wonderful parents!

Wedding Day!  April 6, 1974


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