Saturday, April 2, 2011



Yesterday was Amali's birthday. We didn't plan anything big since we are planning for a BIG HELLAKIDS party bash for all 4 Babies. So her birthday party was just a small BBQ with the family. Ama had such a great time with everyone! And just with all the kids it seemed like we invited the zoo.  I also felt guilty because last year I was like HUGE PREGGOS and I didn't do much with her 1st birthday... So Lala and I decorated.  We bought some things from our favorite place... TARJE (target).  Made some stuff.. and put some things together.  Since I missed work so much too we created stations/centers around the compound.

This station/center... was where you stand and stare
... this was the technology Station/Center corner.. where you could use your cell phone or ipad or even laptop :)

This station was the fanning station.. Where if I was hot.. who ever sat there needed to fan me off :)
The Balloon station/center was a hit with the little ones.. who would have known.. Next time I'm not getting any toys/bouncers houses/ anything.. just BALLOONS!

The Chalk area with Doritos.. was the BOMB!  AMA couldn't get enough of it.. What a great combonation.. Doritos and chalk never fails!

And then a sweet singing station/center... where we sing Happy Birthday to Ama... who then she decideds hey.. I'll sing it too!

 And even though it was just a few.. we found these cute pops.. with thank you on them.. so it was the tasting  station/center.   Had a lot.. none left.. Yes I was at this station/center too..


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