Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What time is it... Wednesday..WORD

Its that time again... Weather.. still kind of cold.. but at least it didn't rain.  So its time to bring the crew out for soccer time. :)  They love, we love it.. Plus we get to see the soccer family.

You know how people say..oh you drive a van .. you must be a soccer mom.. you know those soccer moms... blah blaah blah blah blah.. And really I don't have any idea what they are implying... So if they mean...
"Oh you know those soccer moms.. the ones that take all of their they can play with eachother and get crazy."
"Oh you must be a soccer mom.. cause you go to the games scream at your child to play harder and do a good job and your right leg is bigger than the other because you are always kicking when your daughter is kicking.."
"oh you must be a soccer mama cause well you have hella kids.. and even when you feed them they always seem hungry."
Well then yup.. I guess I am.  Cause thats us.. me.. a soccer mama.

But now Javi is signing up Papos to play football.  Gonna check to see if he is ready.  And so today he had the cones out did some drills. Too bad  I didn't take pictures.. but I did take some warm up pictures of excitement of signing up.  So I don't know what  a football mama is gonna be like. I'm scared, nervous and excited all in one.  Javi told me I can't be a paranoid mama and run out in the field if he gets hurt.. Um.. Hello has he not met me.. You know my ass is gonna run.. ok maybe not run out in the field .. but scream and yell and... oh ok.. maybe I'll just.. not sure what I'll do... It's my mama instincts that will drive me.

And recently Javi and I have been in a bet with my sister in law and bro inlaw.. to see who loses the most weight.  So its been motivating me to go to the gym the past few months. And I have. But its hard. And now I hate it.  The only time for me to go.. is during crucial family spending time.  I'd rather be home with the kids helping out with the night routine.  But no I go to the gym. And now I blame the gym for the babies wanting to be with Javi.  I hug them, kiss them, play with them... but when we do .. let's see who the baby will go to game.. He goes to Javi. I blame the gym.. Damn gym.  So who needs to be healthy... I rather be with my babies.. Can't I workout when I sleep.  geez.  Another mama invention someone needs to come up with.

Oh and Ms. Thang loves Monsters Inc.  So do the big kids.  But in certain parts she still gets scared and runs to me or behind the couch.  So is it cruel to watch the movie just so I could cuddle with her...ok ok I don't do that intentionally but when I want to win the in the ..lets see who the babies go to game.. I know how to win... Monsters Inc. Thats the key.

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