Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lookout weekend cause..there it went.

This weekend started off great.  Friday I was handed something "special".  Just gonna wait to see what happens next.  I also was notified by a grant that I applied to um... years ago and that were suppose to be paying for my college loans years..ago..... well now they are playing catch up... So they're gonna be paying them soon. Yay... And well it was Friday.. Can get any better than that!

Saturday was our full day.  Its when we start folding the laundry type day, even though we started washing on Thursday but don't really finish till Sunday and then really don't finish at all because there is still a basket left to put away... Yeah it was that kind of day.  It started with a Baseball game and ended with a day at the mall.  I swear that trip to the mall could motivate me to write what not to do when you go to the mall.  But then again what worked for me one day definitely didn't work for me yesterday..

Lets just begin with our dinner date.  Last time we went to the mall we were able to go out to eat at Fresh Choice (all you can eat salad/pasta place).  Last time it went great. Kids did great. We did great. It was awesome.  We ate. They ate. We sat. They sat. We talked. they Talked. We laughed.. well you get the picture.  This time around it wasn't so much what we expected.  It was disaster zone.  First we had to move from our original spot were we sat because for some reason I thought it would work to sit in a small corner area were we were kind of squished but I figured it was a corner area and the kids couldn't go everywhere.. ...boy  I was wrong.  
Then we sat Ama by me and Santi next to Javi.  Gave her her plate with food.  Little did I know she was in the mood to not want anything from her plate and want to only eat the ranch dressing that I had in a small tray.  She was in the mood to grab whatever was in sight to dip, suck out the ranch and spit it back out.  I didn't see the beginning when she started because I went to go get a fork... but when I came back I saw a table well.. a table full of ranch and other things.  
I wish I could have taken my camera just to show the aftermath of what a little girl could do.  And that was still with Javi and the other kids there.  Santi is also at a stage were he likes to feed himself.  He starts to growl if we try to give him his food.  He likes his independence.  So we gave him some pasta, some bread, some eggs, some pizza a little of everything.  And we moved him around because he wanted a little from everyone's plate.  So he rolled in his high chair.

  And when we looked down when we were done with our food.  All we could do was apologize to the hostess.  Javi even asked her if we could use a broom or small vacuum to clean it up.  It was um... pretty bad. Leaving the restaurant was a moment where I wish I could've had my camera.  Just to take a picture of what we created.  Art of food on the floor. 

Sunday was short and sweet.  I say short because we lost an hour and it seemed to go by too quick.  And it started with Ama getting into our piles of laundry that we so nicely put in order.  She decided that it was to neat and that there wasn't enough chaos in the house.  So here we go..

 And Santiago got a haircut.. Well really my mom held him and I did a quick uneven cut.  But you cant notice it because uneven bangs are totally in.

And the kids played a bit outside Sunday afternoon.

 And while they played I mastered the technique of taking pictures while trying to solve problems with my kids.  Lala and Papos were arguing.. and I was listening and taking pictures.  They are at an age were they are annoying eachother more and more.

(Bet you can tell who was being the instigator... rhymes with Cha Cha)

 And Ama had a walk around the compound .. and enjoyed looking at everything.

 And I don't think I ever told you about my talented mama..Well we are very lucky cause my mama is the best.  She made us some quilts that we cherish so much.  Here is Ama looking at one of her quilts she made. (Gonna take pictures of the one she made for us.  Its in special colors that Javi loves.. Purple and gold.. loving it).

And after her walk around the compound she just stood there.. and enjoyed the peaceful wind in her face.  She didn't say a word, she didn't look at me, she just stood there with a sweet peaceful look in her face.
And the weekend.. came and... went..

The Paper Mama 

The Paper Mama

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Gloria Ulloa Rodriguez said...

Mija - You forgot to mention those delicious chocolated covered strawberries you and my Lala made for us! Amazing how you do it!