Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Wednesday... WORD!

We went for a walk, a lovely nice walk... its been a week of coming home and going for a walk.    And one of those days was not an Ama day.  Ms. Ama decided that she needed her cup of water.  Then she said.. "No Aqua... Lele..(Leche)."  I said.. "ok Ama when we get back"
She said, "NO!" and jumped out of the wagon.  
We just looked at her in shock like.. really is she really doing this.

And that girl.. oh that girl took off for her walk.. back home.  She didn't even turn around.  I followed her just to see if she did.. And she didn't..  Complaining the whole way about wanting Leche.. The girls heard her on her way to greet her and felt bad about her.  And she blew them off too.. In search for her Leche..Oh.. that girl.

 This week has been a wonderful week to be outside.. but we have been attacked.  Attacked by those dang mosquitoes.  Remember how I said how much I hate ants... well add mosquitoes to that list.  I get chills when I see them and they make me want to run around like a crazy woman killing them all.  Poor Santiago was getting bitten when my dad rescued him from those blood suckers.

But he did catch one in the act.. and killed it and it was full of blood... hence the wipie with blood.

Also, my hero, my man... killed the mosquito that was about to attack us.  (and saved it for me to take a picture.. even though I almost died.. and almost ran around like a crazy head) My Hero!

And these girls..didn't see each other for a while like 4 days.. You swear it was like for ever... Probably never gonna leave each others side..


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