Tuesday, March 1, 2011


UMMM its YUMMY... Yes we like it... I hardly see a chocolate in my house because its gone that fast. My kids take after me. They love them some chocolate. My girls will go crazy for their chocolate...

Lourdes almost one.

April 2001 came and went and our baby girl was treated very well by the Easter bunny.  He/she brought her a basket full of wonderful things.  and mainly chocolate.  She was almost 1 and really didn't have any reason to have the candy..so yes I bought the basket, put it togehter and eventually ate some of the candy... what...isn't that what we are suppose to do when their young.

So anyways... Lala learned very quickly what chocolate was.  At that point she was learning to walk... but loved crawling around the family room.  I was taking care of the girls (Lala and Gloria) and also my nephews in good old San Diego.  Some how we were and are use to having a zoo at our house.  But anyhow at some certain time Lala escaped the mix.  She wasn't playing with the toys with the other kiddos... I couldn't find her...(yes I know a habit) really I "pretended" couldn't find her.. and called out her name..."Lourdes, Lourdes where are you" (she was hiding her face)  " Lourdes, Lourdes I can't find you".  All this time i knew she was hiding behind the futon couch(ps..did I mention we were college students at the time... hint: futon couch).  So I looked back to find her hiding with something... I moved the bed and found that she dragged the bag that contained the chocolate from Easter.  She had hid it in the back of the futon and would go back there to eat her candy.  She knew that sharing wasn't caring when it came to chocolate... and since that day... my Lala has been a chocolate girl.

Amali - 2yrs old
Ama is a brave little girl. She's not afraid of much.. Her older siblings wouldn't do half the things she does at her age and probably would still be scared to do it now. But this girl would be brave for just about anything.. but definitely chocolate!
Javi and I were talking today about our day.  The kids were in the lving room with us playing with cars/ toys and other things.  When Ama escaped...(ok ok I know but seriously she safe and in the house.. that girl just likes to venture).  At that moment I could hear a little faint cry...mama...mama... mama...MAMA...
So we ran to go find her. Looking in all the rooms opening closed doors. And we end up in our bedroom. Door closed. Lights off.  But she wasn't in the room. But I could still hear her crying.  So we opened the door to the closet, lights off.. and my poor baby girl ran out to give me a hug.  She went in my dark room, closed the door, went in my dark closet and closed the door.  For what????   Well that girl had a piece of chocolate that she found..somehow...(from valentines) and knew that "sharing doesn't mean caring" when it comes to chocolate and became a brave little girl... to go into a dark closet without thinking about how the heck was she going to open it back up after she locked herself in...just to have her chocolate...



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