Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I've tried to do the wordless Wednesday thing.. except that I'm not much of a wordless person. I can't stop talking and writing. Its what I do. so instead of Wordless Wednesday.. It's WEDNESDAY... WORD! Its that hump day... and so excited for Friday to come :)

So I start with a little bit of what happened tonight.
I was putting the kiddos to sleep and Papos asked me...
Papos: Mama, how do skeletons have babies?
Me: Huh, what?
Papos:  How do skeletons have babies?
Me:  Well um ... how do you think they do?
Papos:  Well I know that you have babies from your belly, cause god put him there and then you push him out because I was there when Ama and Santi were born.. but skeletons are skeletons and they don't have bellies.
Me:  Yeah... your right... they were in my belly and I did push them out... hmmm why do you want to know about skeletons?
Papos: Well... Maestra was reading us a book Cinderella Skeleton and she had a lot of kids.. she had 9 kids... more than you mama... so how did she have them.. she had no belly.. just skeleton.. how did they grow?  how did they come out? how did they get there?
Me: Wow.  That skeleton Mama was sure busy with 9 kids... hmm not sure how they have them..
Papos: Man, I guess we have to check the internet tomorrow.... 

I guess I need to start searching online or come up with an explanation of how skeletons have they have extra bones on their body that produce babies... or One of their toes or fingers falls off and its a baby... Not really sure ... how does a skeleton have babies.. hmmmm any ideas?  

and today I walked in the house... with "Hey, Soul sister" on the pandora station... Javi starting dinner... kids playing... and enjoying our Wednesday..although my tough girl wasn't feeling well today... she still had a good day.

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