Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Sunday

Today Ama wanted "Crackers" chips. I said no.. She said YES! I said no. She said... NO MAMA YES!!! I said no, walked away and threw them away in the garbage can that is in the wash room. I of course thought she wasn't looking.. That was this morning. So today has been a omg where are the kids day. They are hiding around the house and freaking us out.. even our 10 year old. So it was Ama's turn. She was with me in the living room and i was changing Santiago's diaper. Then she was gone. I had Javi looking for her but we couldn't find her. Last place we looked was in the wash room.... and she remembered... that is where her yummy CRACKERs were... and she got them...

Also have you met my sister... She thinks that 54 degree weather is cold... and so she gets the twins ready to go outside... and go for a walk... hmmm you think they'll be warm enough???

And Santiago... Is finally army crawl... he's up and moving.. :)
Which I entered in the papermama photo challenge :)

The Paper Mama


Candace McClintick said...

What a sweet little face! Very nice! said...

Great shots! Looks like they keep you moving too!