Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday... things happen for a reason

I believe that things happen for a reason.  And sometimes not so good things happen to those I love but I'm a big picture person... and because of some of the reasons that things happen... well this is the outcome... and all I can say is... love

So here is my Wordless Wednesday the things that happened and the reason/outcome.

The what happened...
I came home early and she didn't like it she wanted her Grandpa

I trusted the sun and when we got to the park it was cold.. so ....

Pointing to the moon...

Looking for the moon.

Because it was cold... we cuddled at the park.

He came home and we greeted with a hug... this is Lala's picture of how she see's her mama and daddy :)

My sneaky girl.

Santiago is teething... and we buy and give him stuff to bite.. but he still likes his hand. :(

My baby boy.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Celena..I seen this blogspot on your email. It is soo cute! What a great way to document your babies and the cute things they do. Love it!