Monday, February 7, 2011

I only went for a walk.

In previous post I mentioned stories of when people or things got left behind... The teddy bears in Puerto Vallarta, me in Mexico... Traditions that you wouldn't think are really traditions but kind of are.   And I blame it on having hellakids around at that time.  Busy busy busy.
Sooo here is another ... a story of being left behind.

I think it was the summer after I was left behind in Mexico.  Back then we lived out in the country.  And if you know my family during the 80's we would have a summer camp at our house.  All of our cousins from both sides of the family would come over and we would be tenting it outside.  We came up with so many games and were only allowed in the house to eat and go to the bathroom.    Sometimes we would have a dance party in our living room.. Those summers were amazing.  On special occasions my mom or dad would drive us to town to either go to the mall or even watch a movie at our local theater (and if it was cheap... I would have sent us there everyday cause having that many kids over would have probably driven me crazy :) )

So my parents would drop us off at the State Theater.  Drop us off and pick us up later... we loved it.  But that summer we came back.. that summer I was extra paranoid... I made sure that my parents had an eye on every move i made.  So when the movie was over my mom was waiting for us outside the theater.  We all came out and starting packing in the car.  And since I knew it was a long drive home... I told my mom, "mom, I have to go to the bathroom.. don't leave I'll be right back."  I of course thought she was listening to every word I said.. But little did I know that she was busy talking to someone that was also waiting for their kids.

And so I went to the bathroom.. Thinking that I was good to go... 

Our theater.. don't pay attention to the guys in my shot.. they wouldn't move..

Well I was good to go... on a walk of course.  When I got out of the theater.. they were gone...  I stood there for a moment thinking that it wasn't true.. but they were... gone.
So I figured I walk west towards the country.. and eventually end up at my house.  And so I went for a walk. 
I didn't really walk far.. only to the corner.  And when I got there my aunt was at the gas station wondering what the heck I was doing... walking?
And so she took me towards the house, and the next block we saw my mom frantically driving back for me with a terrified mama's face.  And we stopped and I climbed back to the van with all of the hellakids.

and so it goes... I was left behind again.  It wasn't my mama's fault.. it just tends to happen when you have hellakids with u.  In fact I bet I've already done it to one of mine.. and I just completely forgot that i did. :)


PS>.. had to share some pics of today... My dad took the babies for a walk to the park.  So when we went to go pick them up.. Ama came running towards us.  And stepped in some dog doo doo.  And so I took pictures of Javi checking and trying to clean it up.  And wouldn't you know that even stepping on dog shit you can still capture the cuteness in that :)

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