Friday, February 11, 2011

Silly silly girl

She cracks me up... Seriously she says things and all I do is nod my head and laugh.. cause that's my girl.. A bit of everything.. and definitely silly.

So, today she was taking a look at the phone.. (yes I gave in and got the  new/used iphone from the hubby).  She likes to text family members and talk to them when we are in the car going from one place to another.  Tonight she was looking back at the text that was on there for one of my cousins.  My cousin Ara and her are really close.  Ara is like her  big sister... So she's checking all the old text that we had between Ara and the the family... So the conversation went like this..

Lala: Mama can I look at your phone and look at the texts...?

Mama: What text are you going to look at?

Lala:  The ones we sent to Ara.

Mama: Sure..

Long pause....

Lala:  OMG Mama, I didn't know that Grandma and Grandpa signed up for dodgeball... Have they played?  Do they really play? When are they playing?

Mama:  What?? what are you talking about?

Lala: Well on the text to Ara it says... "My Mom and Dad signed up to play dodgeball"

I paused for a little bit... looked at her and nodded my head and laughed...

Mama: Lala, that text YOU sent to Ara. Your grandma and grandpa are not playing Dodgeball... Its us YOUR mama and daddy... Aye Lala...

and we were cracking up... imagining my mom and dad playing dodgeball.. its possible... but a funny thing to think too.. :)

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