Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why the heck do I call it Wordless Wednesday?

You know when you're soooo busy that you don't realize that your busy and you can't even remember saying that your busy or even seeing that busy is all over the calendar ... Well it's been that kind of busy here!
Spring schedule of sports and activities haven't even begun but I'm still busy and exhausted.   I've been neglecting the bloggy blog world and haven't been posting much..  Maybe I'm catching something or maybe its the season to be tired...
So today I leave you with a little of what we did today... it was a dancing night... so the kids dance.. and yes it was to some tunes that some might not approve of... but I'm taking it back to the 80's where breaking and dancing and taking up all the floors was cool :)  So here you go... (and if you are on the computer you might be able to hear the song that they were dancing to)

I love their faces... and how they get into it.. :)

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