Saturday, February 26, 2011

Phone to the Ear

My little boy is fussy. He hardly complains, he's a serious boy... He does though give you a great big smile.  He's usually a happy boy, this week he hasn't been.  So because of this I made a call to our healthcare to make an appointment on a Saturday morning. 

I wish a lot of things... Today I wish I was the type of person that is just straight forward and just tell a person what I really know and what should really happen.  But I'm not that type of person.  In fact I don't like stepping on people's toes.  I don't like telling people what to do or what I know even if I haven't studied that profession. Its just not my character... oh but I wish I did.

Since my baby was feeling yucky, got a cough and cold,  and has been tugging at his ear, I knew that he has an ear infection.. I know it.. So I just wanted to call them to set up a Saturday appointment so that i could get the medicine for him so that he could be better...but the conversation went like this...

Me: Hi, I'm calling to speak to an advice nurse because my son has been congested and has a cough for two days.  He's been fussy for the past few days.. He hasn't been sleeping well.  Today he has been tugging at his ear, when I dried him up after his bath he was crying when I was drying his left ear, he is avoiding sleeping on his ear because it hurts him, and he is moving his head back in forth because I know that something is bothering him.  I believe he might have an ear infection....(interrupted) (the reason that I started with so much info.. was because I know that they would have asked these questions anyway so I figured just give them the answer so we just go straight forward to the point...)

Nurse: Okay... whats your name again.?  Who are you calling for?   How long has he been sick?  Ok.. Is he teething?  How long has he had the cold?  I believe that we forget that sometimes when babies are teething we mistake the pain and think its an ear infection...  Has he had any head trauma?  Do you see anything coming out of his ear?  Has he hit anything close to his ear?  Has he had any serious surgeries or injuries?  When was the last time he had an appointment?  Does he go into the water when he takes a bath? Is he allergic to anything?  Does he have any serious illness that we should know about?  Has your addressed changed since last November?  Oh I see you haven't seen the doctor in a while... Oh yeah he is 9 months old he will have an appointment between 9 and 12 months old.  Is anything coming out of his ear?  Does he have bad ear wax..?  What's his favorite color....

(ok ok I know the last one was not asked...but...)

ME:  (ANSWERING EVERY QUESTION) Sara. Santiago. 2 days. not anymore.... 

Nurse:  So maybe instead you should give him Motrin to help him with the pain and if he is still having a problem call for an appointment tomorrow.

ME:  umm.... ok but... um  well I think he has an ear infection. I have 4 kids that have had it before and I think he does. He is uncomfortable and tugging at his ear. He is not happy and in pain.

Nurse: ohhhh... ok well I can send you to VALLEJO (about 1 hour 30 min) because now every where else is booked.

Me: umm ok... its far but ok...

Nurse: oops no they are not open too.. Well then we can do a phone call appointment so that we can figure out what's going on with the little guy. 

Me: ok thank you...

After 30 minutes of being on the phone... and finally getting at least a phone call appointment.. we still didn't get to see a doctor.
I wish I was just able to say.."Look I'm a mama of 4, who knows that you have a whole lot of set of questions that you have  to ask... and I respect that... But I know and I'm willing to have to pay for the appointment that I need to make for him.  So tell me how to go about and get it and if I can't get one  do I need to just make an appointment for tomorrow"

But I couldn't so i was on the phone for 30 mins
But I know it was her job and she had to do it... even if it was 30 minutes on the phone
and my baby who normally is like this...

Is feeling like this :(

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