Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can't resist

Because this week has been so busy (again) I was thinking that I didn't have time for the blog... But since I can't resist... Here it goes.  Busy means... that its okay to have days like this...

Its okay for your face to be dirty.  I don't mind.
And for some reason his shoe and sock always falls off.  So its okay for it to be off cause I don't mind.

Its Okay to mess around during dinner time.. Being silly is what its all about.

Having spaghetti for dinner is the dinner to have when you are crazy busy.  And sometimes we still have to stay dirty cause Mama said it was ok.
Except for my big girl... She will not dare walk around with spaghetti on her face.

And dancing to GLEE even if it is to the (alcohol song) shhhhh... Its ok.. cause the babies don't really know... and the older ones just like the songs and the dancing.. the content.. not so much.  (Glee is on Tuesday but we record it to watch on Wednesday)

But after a long a busy day... Its time to clean up... take a bath... and go to sleep... While Mama and Daddy stay up and keep working cause it's Report card time.

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