Sunday, January 30, 2011

You know you have kids when...

Have you ever heard or read of those jokes that start off with.. You know you're from.. You know you are... You might be a ... if....
Well.. .just cleaning up the house and doing our daily thing... I was thinking..

man, you know you have kids when...

.. the toilet paper was unraveled by a 2 year old so it ends up looking like this.

a table is used so well that even art work is done on it..

that you find random things on the floor.. (ps.. I used to love these as a kid and Papos did it for me.. It said I'll be a millionaire.. YES!)

Every bit of your house is taken over by the kids.. Blankets on every couch because if you don't then who knows how messy they will end up, kids stuff everywhere etc etc(even the hubby is included with the kids)

randomness greats you at the door

the car is taken over by them and water
calender is already full. 

You know you have kids when you clean up all day and you still feel like your house is a mess... ugh  (don't have a picture for that one ... but jeez) :)

Believe me if I had my camera for every bit... I don't think this post would ever end... 
So I leave you with a cute bit.  Ama was complaining to me in her 2 year old language code... I of course was kind of understanding.. Then she brought me to the calendar where the vis-a-vis markers were at.  She wanted me to write on her arm like we all did for Lala... She wanted to be just like her big sis :)

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Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

You clean up all day and you're house could still use some cleaning... word! This is so funny. BTW... I used to LOVE those fortune teller things as a kid. LOVE!