Wednesday, February 2, 2011

what a day.. so not wordless day

Today.. was .. and is... a long day... 

I know that eventually this will be a TMI (to much info) blog.  My kids are going to get older and say...really ma, really you had to post that... But I look at it as the new virtual way of scrap booking.  Memories in a blog that they can share with their families too. so today my son today might be a too much information for you .

You see when my boys were born we decided that circumcision wasn't something we'd do... and now I regret it.  I'm no doctor and I sure don't know a lot.. but what I do know is that today was a long day.  The doctor decided that with the infections that he was getting it was the best decision to go on with a circumcision and we agreed. 

My big boy had his appointment today and so preparations started last night.  We kept him up late so that he could sleep in today.. That way he wouldn't wake up hungry.. (umm didn't really work)  So he got up with the kids.. wanting to eat.. almost ate.. but I got the food out of his mouth so that he wouldn't eat.

 and we had an unhappy camper who was not use to the schedule of all of us being home..

 and Miss Thang ... who I took time to dress up cute and comb her hair... and this is what happened 15 mins later.

His appointment was at 11:30... but we really didn't get in till about 1:30.  So my baby boy was hungry because he hadn't eaten since 11:30pm. the night before.  Thank god for DS cause that entertained him for a while.
 and when we were in... He was ok with it.  Before we got his Happy medicine a little girl about Papos age was waiting for her surgery.  She was already taking the happy medicine and we could hear her whole conversation with her parents..
went like this..
Dad: how you doing honey.
Girl: oh ok.. just thinking about if I'm going to die. (in a drunk sounding voice)
Dad: oh sweetie that's silly nothing bad is gonna happen
Girl: ..are you sure they aren't going to cut my head off and sew it back on... (drunk voice again)
Dad:... um...he he .. no they aren't.

I couldn't help but smile.. but i was also hoping that Papos didn't hear so that I wouldn't have to explain to him that no his head would not be cut off... but he was to involved in his DS  to hear miss little drunk girl on the other side of the curtain. :)

And did I fail to mention that on the day of the circumcision was the same day Lala was getting her cast off.  Yeah.. sometimes things just work out that way.
 And so it was a success.. at least for now.. the hours of waiting and waiting for the surgery.. it lasted only about 40 mins.. then we had to wait.. and wait another hour for him to wake up... cause he was tired from not sleeping much the night  before..shhh don't tell . But my big boy.. woke up ... to a smiling mama and he smiled back.. no cry from him. And I thought he was gonna say "hi mama I love you." or "mama i missed you" or just a loving look like thanks mama... instead it was.. "oh when can we go home cause I wanna play my game on the wii".. hmmm I guess keeping him up all night playing video games with his dad... really did work.. in his favor.
 and now were home.. with two less things.. a cast.. and  um... skin.. I know I know I warned you though about it being TMI.. So here you go.. days of recovering.. its been a busy, hospital, off schedule, coming home to a weak belly and throwing up all over the place so that mama and daddy have to mop and clean the rug kind of day... and there are weeks ahead of healing for my boy.. but for now.. all is good...
 Time to relax.

PS... I just got my new 50mm lense... LOVING IT!!!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's just amazing how we can make it through a day like yesterday!!! But we always do!! Btw those photos were Awesome! I'm loving that camera too! Get well soon, Papos!

Gloria Ulloa Rodriguez said...

It was so great to see our Papos come back home after his big event. His Abuelitos will be spoiling him for the next few days. And, of course, Lala (and the rest of the clan) will be getting some of those special treats too!

PartlySunny said...

What a brave guy! I guess you have a good and very personal argument for circumcision now. And great pictures.

Found you at MBC, btw.