Friday, January 28, 2011

watch out... dangerous...

You know how small toys, power outlets, knives, pens and all the of the usual stuff in a house are dangerous for kids... well all of those items are far away from the babies. We take time baby proofing the house and making sure that all of the small items are far and away from the babies.  Making sure all gates and doors are locked, making sure that all baby toys are not to be able to fit in their mouth and choke on...Making sure that we lock up the cabinets and wash room and bath room so that the babies don't get into.  But who would've thunk.. who would have thought that this could be as dangerous... as scary as it looks..

You see we have blankets all over the place... One on each couch.. tons around house, beds, floors.. everywhere... And the kids love playing with blankets... Just like when we were younger, they build forts and have their little  club houses and movie games.

and the babies they  love playing with blankets would be cute like the older kids.. but its not.. its scary...  They love it... Ama also loves putting it over Santiago's head.. and Santiago loves it too... Its scary cause he kicks around like he cant breath... but really he's just excited.. So now I add blankets to the list. Cause who needs expensive toys when blankets entertain them.. and who would have thought.. add blankets to the list.

and Santi.. well that lazy boy.. when he see's that blanket.. boy is that boy motivated to start crawling.. sooo... add blankets.. to the motivation list.. awww lists.

PS...a little bit of random.. love this pic.. of Grandpa and Ama...

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Life with Kaishon said...

That picture with Ama and her Grandpa...that is just as precious as can be. What a great picture! I miss building forts : ) Those were fun days. What a beautiful blog you have.