Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh how I love you...


Puerto  Vallarta my heart devotion, let me come back to the ocean...

PV i heart you.  I will miss you dearly but I'm excited to know that I will see you again.  Here are some wonderful things that I've loved and learned about PV.

 I love how we can just walk and walk and walk.
 I love how you can sell and sell and sell.

 I love how we can find random things that we normally don't see in Cali.
I love how i can walk and know that my legs are getting a workout. Also, I've learned that a regular umbrella stroller ain't gonna cut it. Yes Tere we're gonna get a BOB. dang it.

I love the way you put a smile on their face.
iguanas yes iguanas i love you too.

oh the places they go.. they will remember

It's paradise for me.
I learned how you bring the clown out of everyone...(side note) even if your walls are a bit dirty outside they still seem yummy to Ama.. (she just finished taking a lick of that wall..eww.)

the signs, the lights, the cool deco in MCd's. :) that one is for the kids.

I always thought these glass shards were for birds.. but i guess it works to keep burglars out too
how my kids can make it their home even if the place we are at are trying to make it fancy.
how you can make the beauty out of every situation (she's doing her business... thats all I'm gonna say about that)

how they love what they do and do what they love


how you inspire my boy to have more imagination.

You bring out all the emotions in me... I will always be terrified of you dang rooftop.

So what if I can find 8 taco stands in 1 block radius I know that I wont starve.

OH there is so much more.. but just not enough time or space :)

Now its time to say goodbye toooo P.V...
P-U-E... eager to be back soon..
R-T-O.. oh my gatos gonna miss u

See you in 2 years Puerto V.

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