Friday, January 7, 2011


We have arrived and we are back in Cali.. woo hooo.. But that leaves us only time to just get things ready for the work/school week to come. boo.  Since we left before Christmas we haven't had time to take down anything. So we spend our day back from vacay organizing ourselves like crazy.  I guess it works since its freezing outside and we have no sun to pour its rays on us.  So we organize.

And that brings a little bit of info on my Papos.  Papos is our first boy in the hellakids gang.  If you know Papos you know that every moment of the day/night his mind is working on creative games and fun. Before we went to PV I don't think I ever met a boy who had more saliva then Papos.. huh? what? saliva you ask?  Yes. Cause that boy makes so much sound effects slurp, bloom.. sleech.. I can't even imitate it.  Cars are crashing, he is in war with who knows who, someone keeps falling down from I don't know where.   So much imagination. I hope that he forever has the sweet imagination forever.  I hope that nothing ever changes and that I will always hear him slurping, crashing, falling, fighting, flying sound effects in the same room while I'm busy doing something.  If you didn't notice I bolded the word same. why? well because my son has a fear of being in any room by himself. Living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom any room.  And if he sees us leaving without telling him that we are moving to another room he gets upset.  Like how dare we have to go to the bathroom. jeez ma.  So my big boys imagination is probably becoming so intense that its not fun to be by himself. 

My boy that is afraid of being alone in  a room is the bravest boy I have ever met. Yes I said BRAVEST!.. You see I fear many things.. remember I'm paranoid. I have a fear of heights, I fear that Amali will escape again, I fear that my kids get hurt, and more.. But one of the biggest fear that I have are ANTS!  Is it the type of fear that when I see them I run out of the room like crazy and scream. Nah.. but I still don't like them. How the heck can I fear ants.. well let me tell you.
You see there are like billions and billions of them.  And they can just come from small cracks and attack at any moment (yes its my imagination going now). They are everywhere.  When I feel them crawling on me I get the biggest chills and run around the room trying to take them off.  And they seem to have the best sense of sugar/food smell. If I don't pick something up they'll attack.  big ones, little ones, ugly ones, red ones, black ones.. all ants are scary to me.

So today we were taking down our x-mas decos. I was in charge of the tree.  I was pulling out the ornaments and bulbs when I felt and ant on my hand.  I quickly slapped it off.  I didn't care if that slap hurt a little, I wanted to be nowhere close to that ant.  Then I noticed that there were a lot of ants in my storage bin.. and then I found...



Ok.. ok so really not everywhere but who knows they could of.. 
It was so gross.  I picked up the bulb and shook it a bit and could hear the ants being tossed around in the bulb.  I think they were trying to rellocate their home to the green bulb.  I interupted their moving plans.. 
If you can see they are small and huge..ewww.. I get chills just looking at them

And what does my brave boy do..

He picks it up and says, "Mama, they're just ants." 

So he posed for his pic.
Went outside 


threw the bulb out.

He found a new home for the ants.
Although they are probably all still in the bulb trying to recover from being shooken up and thrown around.
ewww... dang ants at least now they have a new home.

MY HERO!  The one who fears to be alone in a room rescues his mama who is afraid of ants :)

 P.s. I bet if you come to my house in like 2 wks or 2months the bulb will still be there :)

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tBirdie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following you now! Wish I lived in Cali, but not that I had ants, I'm sure you understand! :)