Monday, January 3, 2011

Ama vs.. ....

 Yes this is another bad mama moment. It only takes less than 2 seconds for this girl to get into the trouble she gets into.  Although to her its not trouble its curiosity. And man is she curious. And really I blame only me for her open moments of running to her plans. 
You see Amali is a smart smart girl.  You can see that she is already planning things in her head before anybody else notices.  Plans of escaping, plans of discovering, plans of investigating, plans plans plans.  All vacation long we would make sure that no babies were by the stairway.  But Ama had a plan. She knew when to be off.  She knows when to be sneaky, when everyone was busy,  my smart smart girl.

Two seconds (maybe a little more since I didn't have a clock.. but really wasn't that long) of getting Santi and the others were busy not noticing anything different. But Ama did. She knew that the door was open to the stairway.  It was time for her to execute her plan. And she was off.  1 flight. 2 flights turn corner. 3rd flight 4th flight and by the roof. I heard her small little cute voice echo through the hallways.  I knew after a couple of seconds that she was off.  I ran first asking has anyone seen Ama.  I didn't see her in any room and ran upstairs. I saw her at the top and saw her step her foot on the roof.  I swear I flew to the top. Im just imagining myself as one of those damn vampires from twilight flying tree to tree.. Although I was not hunting for blood I was hunting to rescue my cub. (although more than anything she in her mind didn't seem to be in danger cause she is our daredevil).  I ran and ran... so fast so swift so much like a crazy mother on a mission.
And there she was talking away sitting ontop of the rooftop.  blah blah hi mama blah blah blah.
I walked to her slowly. Kind of like when you walk up to a wild animal trying to tame it. All I said was.. hi Ama..walking slowly  hi Ama..slowly walking hi and GRAB!!!!  I grabbed her so fast held her so tight and didn't let go.  Hi mama blah blah blah...
I don' t even know how the hell i ended up going down. Cause all I was doing was holding my wild brave dare devil baby cub and held her so close.  We were all speechless. We just looked at eachother and couldn't believe what had just happened. 
Now previously before this event I thought I was paranoid.. ha.. I'm so paranoid now.  Every time any door opens even if Ama is next to me.. I say WHO HAS AMA.. oh yeah me... CLOSE THE DOOR! even if its me opening it...  I also had an incident yesterday where I put her to sleep in the play pen and sat to talk to the family.  Two minutes later I noticed that the door was open and ran around saying who has AMA WHO HAS AMA.. yeah Javi looked at me crazy.. then I knew oh yeah she's taking a nap in the play pen...So the outcome to Ama vs. the stairway.. was....  Ama the brave, daredevil won!


celena10 said...

An angel was looking over her. Un angelito mandado por a Virgen de Guadaupe la cuida.

A Daddy Blog said...

Yikes. So glad she's okay. That sort of thing scares me to death with our little girl. I'm following you from Mom Loop, btw.

DP said...

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janie said...

OMG! I'm not looking forward to that! I'm glad she only went and sat on the roof, I can just imagine what must've been running through your head as you ran up the stairs Cele! Thank God nothing happened!