Sunday, January 9, 2011

millionaire... could've been

On the eve of when we go back after being out for 3 weeks... all I could think of is dang I could have been a millionaire.

When my sister and I had our girls, we thought of different things that would make our life easier.
Like a glow in the dark pacifier, or a baby/toddler made water spout that goes on a small water bottle.
But we didn't have the resources or time to even think about it.   And when Papos and the rest where born we started to see our ideas at all of the baby stores. damn could of, should of, would of ...
So now I'm gonna think of ideas and maybe just maybe become a millionaire.

When Santiago was born he was born with hella hair.  Not sure where that came from but it keeps growing and growing and growing.  Now to the point where it gets in his eyes.  I know the easy trick for this is to cut his bangs.. but I want to let all his hair grow.
 When  we were in PV all of the vendors would say "aaa what a cute Nena".  Then I realized they were saying that because I had a bobby pin on him.   So I took it off and they still would say ... "awww what a cute Nena.".. It didn't bother me cause then I just called my boy a pretty boy. :)
So Invention #1 needs to be a man clip.. a mlip.  hey why not... we have invented a murse.. a man purse.. so a mlip is next!...

On our way home from PV was a plane ride that I won't forget.  The kids where lets just say ready to jump out.  The babies were restless and moving all the time. We were doing everything to keep them entertained.  We switched seats, played games, watched movies, read books, sang songs.. and then I had the snack station.  My station served crackers, water, banana, baby food, water, crackers... 
And for some reason every time a baby was getting a snack the airplane was experiencing turbulence.  So by the time we got out .. i was looking CRAZY.. my shirt was um.. a piece of art.   SO Invention #2 is ...
a MOM BIB.  I know I know they are not that cute. But when you think about the style these days no one will ever realize its a bib.  We could even get COACH or Old Navy to hop on with some patterns... We can call it the "Mom scarf" or the MIB...
  Cause if I don't get something quick... I might end up looking like this.

That's all my mind can invent for now... but maybe with these ideas a millionaire... I will be!

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Gloria Ulloa Rodriguez said...

Mija.. You are so creative. Remember your invention that you created in your junior high science class. The original cat poop cleaner. Later you found it at a store I believe. Keep dreaming! I'm retired so let me help with the promotions. :)