Tuesday, December 7, 2010

why hella

well if you know me I'm from Cali.. Cali girl at heart.. At least I think I am. I lived in both places, NorCal and Socal . But most of the time I've been up north. I was born in Santa Barbara Cali and moved to Woodland when I was about 3 years old. I moved out of good old Woodland and went to school in San Diego for about 5 years. Before moving to San Diego I figured hey it’s in the same state how can anything be different. Boy was I wrong.

When I first started college at S..D...S..U...SDSU...fight fight fight, sorry had to do it.

I went in thinking hmmm I know this I know this… Boy was I wrong. My new life in SD was very educational and that was before I even started college.

I learned that not all cars are the same.. the make and model do matter and not every car was a Honda.
I learned that even though I had a car Isuzu Imark, it wasn’t a Honda J
I learned that our fashion sense up north at that time was a tad bit behind Socal.

My girls and boys from State were teaching me new things and thank you for that Locas and Locos. J But what couldn’t leave, what never left, what kept on slipping out.. was my hella ness. Hella is a Nor cal word for well..sick, really, totally, slamming, A LOT and more. It just wouldn’t leave my mouth.. hella this, hella that… hella hella hella…

So when I returned to up north it just was part of my regular vocab. So last year after having my babies back to back, and always having a group of kids with us, and doubling up the Rodriguez grandkids in less than 2 years it felt appropriate to be hellakids. I also have to give props to my soccer mamas that well know the hellakids.com experience (parking hmm why not have a special parking for hellakids that’s a discussion for another blog).

And so the name hellakids stuck. And there it is.. why hella.

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