Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So after a while of debating whether I should or should not start a blog I figured.. heck why not... Do I have any idea of what this blog is going to be all about.. no. and I like it that way. What I do know is that I will post about my family, pictures, experiences, memories and of course, a how to survive in the life of having hellakids. Some of you might think omg that is so bad but really I don't see it that way I see it as lets share ideas, thoughts, and the love of surviving!

Surviving.. what does that mean.. is it do I own a fancy car, nice and expensive things.. nah..

surviving to me is when I sleep at night, I sleep with a smile. and if I don't then hell I better work at it tomorrow.

My writing is not the best and infact I could go on forever correcting my grammar here and there placing punctuation marks where they belong making sure my sentences make sense and are complete. I like periods, I like commas, I like capitalized and uncapitalized words.. do I over use them. yes sometimes.. Do I talk to myself to much in this blog.. well I think so. So i should sit in front of the computer for hours and just correct.. edit.. revise... ummmm no.

But really is that about surviving.. I do enough of that at school. So if you cant handle it.. then i suggest you um.. read it fast hurry so that your mind doesn't ponder on how to correct it.. :) but do join..

and so hellakids is for those that want to know how the marin/rodriguez family are doing.. hobbies that i like sharing.. deals and deals that I like to share and sharing with eachother what works for you and life. and surviving with the hellakids:)

Welcome.. welcome... WELCOME!!

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